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Thread: anyone using a 30-338?

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    anyone using a 30-338?

    seems an interesting round
    a wildcat of a round Lapua produced but in very small quantity, the 300 Lapua Magnum

    Loading for the 30-338 Lapua

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    Never the 300 Lapua but I did sell a fellow a 30-338 WIN MAG I had in the shop for awhile think it was on an 03A3 action pretty much the same thing as the 308 NORMA MAG .

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    Wow , thats a bit of a beast and quite the powder hog too!


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    Cant see you getting a ticket for that for use against deer, boar maybe or target work. Maybe things are different north of the boarder.


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    its the same as a 300 win or Lapua Mag

    plenty of those and even 7mm Mag or RUM conditioned for deer

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    i have a mate who had a 30-338lm and he always struggles to get it to shoot. it seemd to be very tempremental on bullet seating depth with 250 grain + bullets

    it was ok out to 600 but no better than us shooting 7's and out beyond that we kicked its arse all over the place

    then there the 90 plus grains on powder on every firing as well but its fun to shoot so not all negative
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