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Thread: Scott Country High Seat Back Pack Portable Tree Stand

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    Scott Country High Seat Back Pack Portable Tree Stand

    Hello all.

    We have been requested to provide a brief write up on the new portable back pack high seat tree stand which Scott Country are retailing, and also to supply a video of its operation/set up.

    Retailing at 179.99 this portable tree stand weighs 12Kgs and can be carried on your back as a back pack into a remote location.

    Easy to set up, it takes approx 3 minutes to erect or take down, we attempted our set up for the first time.

    We had our wildlife equipment tester set the tree stand up at a location for a photo shoot, but this was our first attempt at set up so excuse the video, it is not meant to be a professional guide, just a quick insight into how it works.

    Here are some images of it in use

    And here is the video.

    We have just arranged for a full indepth review by Sporting Rifle magazine so please keep an eye out for that and also the SLDG will be reviewing the product next week also.

    The product is retailed by Scott Country and manufactured by a UK based company, the video is designed as a brief insight into how it works and is in no way a full instructional guide. Please refer to manufacturers instructions for set up.

    Thanks for reading

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    looks good

    and yes , you see more deer if you get six foot over their heads.

    BUT is that an electicity pole in the vid ????? <<<<

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    This is my first tree stand. I like it but the instructions are very poor. Maybe there should be an instructional video. To make this unit even safer, a stability bar lower down before attempting to climb the ladder would be even better.

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    I was out in the woods yesterday and I had it attached to a 2" tree. When I got up I decided it was too dangerous as the tree was flexing with the weight. I dropped the height down to 6 foot which was still enough for the shooting lane. Unfortunately the legs gave way on the soft dirt and the whole ladder twist to the right I fell out of the seat which was okay as I was almost on the ground but unfortunately my left hand was trapped by the safety bar which crushed the base of my left thumb. Lucky I drive an auto as I couldn't hold anything to get home. Its been in ice ever since. I think this design could be improved by adding an attachment at the base to attach to the tree to prevent movement as one secure spot at the top is not enough as I've found out.

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    How come the only part of the unit that has camo is the chair, and that's the only bit that's hidden when in use? Dappled shades on the steps and sides would help, doesn't matter what colours as long as it's not blue or shiny.
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    Don't hide from your mates in the bush!

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    Good point and I was thinking the same thing. If I set it up the night before and then came back the chances are somebody might spot it and nick it. I was thinking of a chain lock at the base but not much use if they have a chain saw so camoflage is the way to go but those strips will stick out especially for spotlighters.

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    It appears in the photograph that the person on the ladder has not used the rachet strap to secure the stand to the tree, thats very dangerous.

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    ?? why would that be there is no one in the seat.

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    The camoflage doesn't fool me

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