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Thread: Scott Country High Seat Back Pack Portable Tree Stand

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    How come the only part of the unit that has camo is the chair, and that's the only bit that's hidden when in use? Dappled shades on the steps and sides would help, doesn't matter what colours as long as it's not blue or shiny.
    I think you can hide them a bit with some folliage. Once you square the base and rachet to the tree it is pretty stable. I just don't like trying to get in the seat when you are at the top of the ladder. Its a bit of twisting to do and this is the most dangerous part.

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    We trialled telescopic ladders at work but found them unstable and had a tendency to twist regards biker1

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    I've used this ladder stand a few more times in the field. There are several things that need improving.
    1. The ladder is not that stable when climbing to attach the strap. It would be far safer to have an intermediate stabliser to attach before climbing.
    2. The main attachment strap is not that easy to undo. If you are 8 ft in the air you might it impossible to undo a tight strap behind the tree.
    3. The carry straps are too wide and fall off the shoulders when walking.
    4. The shooting rail support bars hang loose and make a very bad banging noise when walking.

    It is compact but there are major design issues that should be addressed.

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