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Thread: Sako 85 Finnlight .308 - LH laminate stock?

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    Sako 85 Finnlight .308 - LH laminate stock?

    My new (to me) Sako 85 Finnlight is sat at home waiting for its next outing. I've taken it out once, other than load development, and it works well but the stock is short and obviously light, the latter comes as no surprise for a Finnlight! Out of preference I shoot left handed when I can so the question is does anyone know if I can replace the normal stock, with the RH cheek piece, with a left handed laminated stock inlet for a RH action? If so what options are available?
    I'm guessing there are options from the States or if you throw significant money at the problem. Due to work I will only have a few outings both this season and next so it's just a thought I have had at this stage.
    Thanks in advance as ever,
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    Could you not just get a left handed cheek pad/comb riser for the stock you have?

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    I can tweak what's there but I was keen to look into laminate options.

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    I had a RH finnlight in .243 and the stock was the weak link. Too flexible/flimsy IMHO and felt it affected accuracy in certain positions. Rather an expensive solution was a laminate stock by specialist stock services (Steve Bowers) but a first class job. Depends on budget. Hope this helps. Let me know if you want contact details.

    Kind regards

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    You could look at Richards Micro-Fit gunstocks, really reasonable prices but shipping might be pricey. I've had 6 off of them, good stuff.

    Hope this helps AB

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    Contact . They are a UK maker of laminate stocks. You could ask them to make you a mirror image of your stock. They are gaining a good reputation and are very approachable and amiable. Sensible prices too.


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