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Thread: .308 Twist Rate?

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    .308 Twist Rate?

    Hi Guys. Have found a couple rifles in .308 to fill a slot. Out of the choices I have one favorite which is really more 's than I wanted to spend. The next fits the bill and has a nice wooden stock as opposed to synthetic, however the budget would run to having this bedded if I like how it shoots/handles. My only concern is it has a 1in12 twist rate as opposed to the 1in11 or 1in10 of others I have looked at.
    My question is what is the view on twist rate and what practical effect is it likely to have on a .308 projectile? I will mainly be using this on deer but would also like to have the option of using heavy bullets on boar, bear, moose etc.
    In peoples experience what bullet weight am I likely to be able to use in the various barrels.
    Look forward too getting some useful info.
    BTW at present one rifle has a 23" barrel the other a 22". I may if purchased cut the 23" 1in12 barrel down to 20". Your view on this would be helpful.
    Cheers guys.

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    For deer you will mostly shoot 150 - 165 gn pills, moose a stiff jacketed 180 . All these twists will work fine with these pills and 20 inches is the minimum barrel length i would personally go. However i do not, cannot use moderators.

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