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Thread: New .30 Calibre.

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    New .30 Calibre.

    Been wanting to ask some questions for a while. Bit scared to be honest because there is usually some harrassment thrown for asking calibre questions! Cant find anything specific to what I want to read so here goes! Right then! I own a .308 but I am looking for something bigger to use on the continent and Boar over here. I am torn between 300 win mag and the 30.06. I like the idea of the win mag as it would do everything the 08 and .06 can do by the sounds of it plus a bit more, but also reading and hearing that its loud as anything,kicks like a mule,and can be a bit much on the carcass damage front! The reports on the .06 seem great and I think would suit me down to the ground but dont want to be sorry for not going down the win mag route! All info appreciated, thanks guys, Tim.

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    Tg, Harrassment? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT... Just do what the silent majority on here do - ignore it

    On the Europe front, there a potential military calibre issue - not familiar with it enough to cogently comment; but think it has been discussed on here in recent months.

    Next element - do you or intend to reload? That opens quite a wide vista to tweek performance, both ballistic and terminal.

    The 30-06 is a grand old cartridge - used it myself very happily for many years. It too can kick with certain loads, but was quite easy to feed. It offers a higher ceiling on bullet weight and in terms of performance on game will handle 98% of things you may ask of a 300 - within reasonable ranges.

    The 300 is another grand cartridge - whereas the 30-06 is a step up from 308, the 300 is a bit more of a hop to a skip, depending upon load. Everyone is an individual, so generalisation always dangerous. But from many, many clients, it can start to cross the comfort line. On average ( with a capital A ), I suspect many would shoot a 30-06 better - certainly better enough to offset a ballistic advantage. But issues such as a moderator could greatly offset that. Carcass damage is more a function of bullet type & weight and placement than the cartridge that launches it.

    We had a Winchester M70 in 300WSM in the shop. Test fired it with gritted teeth - but with 150 & 180 factory loads it felt ( to me ) quite a well mannered chap. It was a Stainless synthetic. In the same session a client tried a 270 Win in a Win 70 Featherweight ( unmoderated ) - it knocked him cross-eyed to the extent he didn't feel up to trying the 300WSM.

    If reloading the WSM may be worth a thought - will duplicate most of what the 300 WM will do with a tad less powder. If going factory - the 300 WM gives a far wider choice of ammo.

    Nothing beats getting the chance to try each if you can - just take stock design, mods etc into account when analysing how they felt.

    Enjoy the process of choosing!
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    30-06 because A . I have one and love it and there has been so much load development done with this caliber.if you dont home load then there is also the fact that amunition is readily available. From what i hear of friends who have 300 win mags I think they shoot a bit flatter than than the ought 6.
    I will never part with my 30-06.

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    I'm a huge fan of the 30-06 as an all around cartridge. Plus I'm from the US and it is a classic. I own one now and have owned 308s. I'm not sure that with 180gn bullets or less that there is enough difference that one would ever notice in the field. In general the 308 is considered a more accurate round. Again, in the field, I'm not sure there is enough difference that one would ever notice. I love the longer range concept of the 300WM, but it 'blasts' and kicks too much to suit me. Shots under 200-250, I'm not sure it makes a difference. If you want more 'umph' at 200-250 get a bigger 33, 35 or 9.3 caliber. capt david

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    win mag as far as the 30's go because you can use it anywhere and load it to how you like it to feel. Honestly though get a 9.3 or a 375 holland and holland because the different in smug grins between those that have demolished a pig with a 'big' calibre compared to a sensible calibre is remarkable.

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    I shoot a 300 win mag and a 270 win I have shot quarry from muntjac to moose with both calibre's and with the right bullet there great and you can travel with them anywhere not like the 308 and not to sure about traveling with a 30 06 but someone will know on the site .


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    Pretty sure that a 30/06 would be a no go in France wheras a 300 Win Mag would be OK

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    Have you given the 7mm rem mag any thought ? Recoil is about the same as an 06( at least to me, others may disagree)A substancial increase in energy over the 308, a flat trajectory, especially at longer ranges. With a good bullet its capable of taking any large, non dangerous game well past 250 yrds as well as a good variety of factory loaded ammo for most hunting uses.There wouldn't be any restrictions on its use as its a non military round.As you may have noticed, I like 7mm mags lol
    Enjoy choosing you're new rifle, thats half the fun AB

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    Thanks for throwing the other calibres in guys and making my choice even more difficult!!!! Will do some more homework on the new info and see how I get on. Does anybody know how much difference there is sounds wise between the 308/30.06/300 win mag with moderators fitted? T

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    Tim, there is very little you will do with a 30/06 that you cannot do with your .308. The 30/06 will only give you 150 fps advantage over the 308 with most loads. the 300 WM is a real step above the .308 and they are a fair bit of gun. I have all three but in different styles of rifle. A unmoderated 300 WM is a fair bit of gun off a bench but ok in the field. They do come back hard and fast with a 180 gn load at 3000 fps compared to a 2600 in a 308 or 2800 in a 30/06. If you want knock down but dont need to take shots over 250 m i like the 9.3 x 62.

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