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Thread: Zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 Ir

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    Zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 Ir

    Hi Guys, I have been offered a Tikka t3 tactical in .223 at a good price which I intend using mainly as a range rifle for informal target shooting. The maximum distance at the club range I shoot at is 200 yds. Since the rifle is not too heavy at 8lb I was thinking I could use this occasionally for foxing when I get a permission.

    I have looked at a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50IR and was impressed with the scope.I feel that this scope would be adequate for target shooting on my range and pretty good for foxing when required.

    I would appreciate your views on the suitability of the scope for the above purpose, any other suggestions would be welcomed.

    Regards From Paul.

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    got one on the .243 exellent bit of kit on the lamp ,use it on the lowest setting at night.two from last friday 170m+ and 35m
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    Ziess do make excellent glass, the Duralyt was not covered by Ziess Uk warranty wise unless that has changed recently as it was built for the US market.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alycidon View Post
    Ziess do make excellent glass, the Duralyt was not covered by Ziess Uk warranty wise unless that has changed recently as it was built for the US market.

    Wrong, Alycidon.
    You are thinking of the Conquest range.

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    I'v looked at the duralyt myself. Not for the same purpose and was thinking of the 2-8x42 or the 1.2-5x both illuminated dot. I think however that you will find the reticule a little thick for target shooting as out at 200 it would cover a fair area.
    Alycidon. Your comment is a little worrying. I fail to see how any UK company supplying a uk customer could sell a product with no warranty. I was under the understanding that all products should be fit for purpose for at least 12 months.

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    I have the non-illuminated Duralyt on my .22/.17HMR rimfire which I use for vermin and practice/target shooting at the range at up to 100yds, and it's a great scope for the money. Agree on the relatively thick reticle and you may want a bit more than x12 at 200yds? The only (relatively) common issue that I have heard of is the magnification adjustment ring comes loose.

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    i have the none illuminated one on my 243 and craig !S!K took a charlie a few weeks back under the lamp at(sssssssssssh) you will not believe how far it was.

    fine glass,

    i have a conquest on my 20 tac and the only scope i would swap my duralyt for is another 4.5/14x44 conquest.


    good glass for the cash

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