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Thread: Swaro Warranty

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    Swaro Warranty


    I recently bought an as new s/h Swaro 6-30x50BT that is a genuine UK model bought from an official UK dealer. The previous owner who only had it for about 2 months has not completed the warranty card but has given me the date of purchase. I was wondering whether I should complete this and return it as if I were the original owner giving the original purchase date, or is this not necessary? My understanding is that Swaro warranties are transferable up to 30yrs after date of manufacture but would appreciate any input from anyone in the 'know' please.

    Thanks and ATB.

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    I sent my 2nd 3rd hand binos back to Swarovski 6 months ago as focus ring was playing up and they came back as new no questions asked and I have never sent any paperwork off. The one thing I have noticed is that the new stuff only comes with 10 year warranty so may be worth checking out with Swarovski UK in Salfords, West Sussex.

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    Yes, current warranty is only 10 years, and only 2 years for the reticle illumination.

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    Does anybody know when they changed from 30 yrs down to 10 yrs?



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