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Thread: FC lease

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    FC lease

    How will it work with L1 as first lease is for 6 months as they can only be with FC for the 12 months.?
    How do they stand .Do they only have 6 months to do L2 or thay be off the lease (scotland)

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    it is not the lease runs from october to end of march then it go,s to yearly so you should have the time to do it ,

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    Hi roering if I was new to this & just got my L1 do you think I could get my L2 in this short time .(6 months)
    As you will no wrong sex & no back stop how meny times this happen you can be out ten time & only have 1 deer or the land could be shot out & what will be my position with syndicate / FC after 6 months.

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    Don't see why it's not possible i fully plan to have my level 2 finished by the time the lease come up for renewal. But hey everyone's different some people take 3 outing others can take 33 outings.

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    Hi David all the best with L2 but in west of ayr shire thy will all be swimming if this rain dos not stop.
    Out last sunday deer all over the place on my ground the sun dos bring them out.

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