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Thread: Call out of a different kind.........a Holy calling?

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    Call out of a different kind.........a Holy calling?

    I had a call from a farmer with a fencing business that was fixing wire netting to the upper windows on the inside of the area above the bell tower,and there were 20+ ferals esconsed in the multitude of cavities and rafters that they wanted doing away,so popped over with an air rifle borrowed from a friend as I was worried that mine would go straight through the roof,He lent me his Falcon lighweight,although he did try to palm me off with this little beauty.........

    Here are a couple of pics of the bell tower......

    Lots of poop everywhere......

    At one point the blokes doing the work there disappeared downstairs for a while and I was a bit bemused until the bloody clock struck 2000hrs,OMG that was loud,my ears are still ringing,and the stairs that was another story(no pun intended)it was murder climbing hem but easier going down.......

    I think I ended up with 23 but because a few dropped down inbetween the bells and out of sight,I left them for the farmer to


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    Nice one Martin...

    Looks like an overdue fix judging by all that mess..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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