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Thread: Looking to View some Retriever Trials

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    Looking to View some Retriever Trials

    Apologies, I know this is deer dogs rather than retrievers, but I am hoping to watch a trial or two in the late spring. Any suggestions?

    My daughter is studying at Oxford, and we will be coming over on Holiday in late may and probably staying for a month. I train and trail Labradors here in the states, and am hoping to maybe find a trial or two to watch.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Try contacting the kennel club uk they may be able to provide you with a list.. I pick up with a few triallers I can ask them on Saturday I will pass on any info....
    Kind regards, Jez

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    trialing finishes withthe end of the shooting season,jan 31st,there will be working tests but not the same really

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    Thanks for that clarification. In the states we can run tests all year long, and trials with pen-raised birds from Sept through March. Our tests use use freshly killed birds, and sometimes live (shackled) flyers. Still, I would love to see some tests. Brit Labs have a legendary status over here for there steadiness.

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    anybody on here with a dvd or video of the retriever championship you can lend the man?

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