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    Ret change

    I have a Ziess 6x24x56 FL with ret 60 with a red dot in the middle at long range it will blank out a rabbit at 250-300 yards with the dot complete.
    Question is would it be better to have ret 43 which is a mil-dot, and has anyone used one or has one close to Weston s mare that I could look through to see what it’s like with a 43 ret mil-dot.
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    hi chris i was in the same boat mate i was looking for the ziess 6x24x56 with 60 ret but couldnt find one secondhand. i then got offered the 43 mildot ret secondhand.

    but wasnt sure. i asked a friend of mine who does alot of long range shooting and he has 3 of them on his rifles. he has shot rabbits crows etc at some very long ranges. and said the 43 ret is perfect.

    i went on his advice and got the 43 ret and coulldnt be more happy with it. not to long back i went out with a different friend of mine. he has the fl 6x24x56 but with the 60 ret. and after using mine im glad i picked the 43 ret the mildots are perfect size and as you say the 60 was covering the targets we where looking at.

    same your a good 1h 20 mins. from me otherwise you could have popped up to worcester and looked through mine.
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    I have a Hako scope which is mil dot but has a cental mil dot which is all that illuminates and it is excellent, curently on my .22lr but would be excellent if it was on my .223.


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    I also have the zeiss 6-24x56 with the 43 mildot and its excellent for long range rabbits.
    Contact zeiss uk for a quote on a reticle change.
    I got mine changed 2 years ago and it cost 150 euro but that was for the non illluminated version.

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    Ziess said it would cost 180 to change ret which is better than getting rid off and buying new as not making anymore 6x24x56 so having one change but might have two changed.

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