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Thread: remmy 700 243 sps

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    remmy 700 243 sps

    what are your opinions on this rifle guys ive got chance of new one at very reasonable price

    cheers adrian

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    Never had a bad Remington, ditch the stock for a decent aftermarket item and it should do everything you want of it.

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    Hi Adrian,
    Which version of the sps are you thinking of. I have a 700 SPS Varmint and for the money i payed for it, i can't complain. Well i can actually, because it weighs a ton with a mod on and the sps in the varmint version is not floated and SPS is short for Sh*t Plastic Stock. However, i knew this when i bought it and as i said, for the money, imho, i made a great buy. Groups very well with homeloads.

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    I've got one. Had a bit of bother with the stock twisting and touching the barrel. Good enough tho I like it.

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    Go for it, great work horse


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    Have a SPS stainless in .243 never let me down yet & it shoots anything from 55gr BT to 105gr A-Max but it loves 100gr Remington Core Loke best.


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    I have one in .223 Varmint barrel -add scope, sound moderator,bipod and you are carrying some weight around!
    Generally pleased with though

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    I've had two stainless sps and a blued remmy recently. They all shot very well.
    Stocks are no good but then again all injection moulded stocks are bad, no metter which manufacturer.
    For a remmy you'd easily find (if on a budget) a used wooden stock which would be an improvement if bedded right.
    Reliable feeding from the drop plat mag can be a bit troublesome on some. Aftermarket magazines are available.
    I for one prefer a customised Remmy over any Sako.

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    Hi Adrian,

    I've got a 243 varmint with the laminated stock. I really like it, it looks nice and shoots really well. At 100 yards its a total tack driver and if you want you can customise pretty much every part on it. The only down side as said above is the weight. With my scope mod and bipod it comes in around 13.5 pounds (my tikka 222 mod scope bipod comes in at 9,5 pounds) so its a heavy beasty and the trigger is a bit heavy and could be doing with a wee fettle when the gun comes from the factory

    Cheers Rob

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    Hi Adrian,

    I have a Remington 700 SPS Stainless in .223.
    Changed the stock for a H.S Precision Stock never looked back.
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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