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Thread: Your opinions on a FAC condition please

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    Your opinions on a FAC condition please

    Evening all,
    I`d just like your opinions on a condition on my FAC that has been bothering me for a while, the more i read it the more i get confused,
    here it is;
    The holder of this certificate may possess, purchase or acquire expanding ammunition or the missiles of such ammunition in the calibres authorised by this certificate and may use such ammunition only in connection with:
    1) The lawful shooting of deer
    2) The shooting of vermin or, in the course of carrying on activities in connection with the management of any estate, other wildlife.

    The lawfull shooting of deer i have no problem with, but the second part could be inturpreted that i could shoot ANYTHING in the management of the estate, regardless of other laws, surely the condition of any other LEGAL quarry would be better for the police and me?

    Your opinions would be appreciated.

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    The condition you refer to is a standard one that goes along with expanding ammo.
    It allows the use of the ammo (not rifle) as you have stated on pretty much AOLQ.
    Unfortunately you are still confined by the conditions relating to theuse of your rifle(s) though, so unless you have AOLQ as a condition for them as well you are restricted to the uses stated on your FAC for that.

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    Thanks, i was confusing the two, my FAC from Avon and Somerset was abit different. It dosent seem the best way to go about it to me, seems contradictory.

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    Yes as already stated by Palmer Mike it is the condition associated with the rifle which determines what you can and can't shoot.

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