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Thread: What's in a name?

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    What's in a name?

    After spending far more time than was good for them in a pub, a Scotsman an Irishman an Englishman and a Welshman decided it was time determine whose todger was the longest. Thinking it far too gay to simply whip out their tools and make a straight comparison, they decided they would pay a visit to the local tattoo parlour and have a place name of appropriate length inked along their winkles. They would then return to the pub and ask the landlady to view each one in turn behind the bar and then report her findings.

    The Scotsman was the first to step forward and drop his pants. The landlady duly sank to her knees and out of sight to to make her first inspection.

    "Fife!" she declared.

    Next went the Englishman.

    "Hull!" came the cry.

    The Irishman stepped up.

    "Oooh! Belfast!" she giggled.

    Finally the Welshman stepped forward, consumed with embarrassment.

    "Umm . . . Ludo.", reported the landlady in a confused tone.

    "Where the heck in Wales is Ludo?", shouted out the other three.

    "Just be a love and give it a bit of a rub." implored the blushing Welshman.

    "Well, what can you see?" quizzed the others.

    The landlady slowly rose to her feet staring down in amazement at the Welshman's refreshed offering. She turned to the assembled crowd and spoke in a measured tone . . .


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    Similar to the one about the man standing at the urinal next to a West Indian. He notice a tattoo on his todger and said,"I suppose WENDY is the name of your girlfriend?" The West Indian told him the tattoo was done when erect and said, WELCOME TO JAMAICA HAVE A NICE DAY.............

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