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Thread: .30-06 Recipes Wanted

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    .30-06 Recipes Wanted


    Anyone got any pet loads for their .30-06 using Viht 160 powder and 168 grain A-Max heads, they would be happy to share?

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Bk are you shooting long range paper or some very big foxes?

    For paper I've just got some 150grn Matchkings to try in 308 & 30-06 so will be interested in what replies you get.


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    Shot my 30-06 out to 1000yds with 155gr scenars over 49.8grs of n140 and they were awesome

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    You didn't ask, but I'll through this in. Use H4350. If it don't shoot that well you need an exorcist! capt david

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    Thanks for the replies.



    PS. Yorric, paper and long range varmints, damned rabbits grow big down here!

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    I've never used Viht 160, hard to find out here, but I have shot a lot of 165's & 168's through a number of 06's and I have to agree with Capt david. Any of the 4350's, Hodgdon, imr, etc. performed very consistantly in my rifles, I never state powder wieghts on line, but I've found that near max loads( after being worked up to) performed the best.I prefer H4350 as its not so temperature sensitive,a big consideration in this part of the world.

    Sorry I didn't mean to hijack your post lol
    Good Luck AB

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    Thanks for your input, I listed Viht 160 as that's the brand my local dealer tends to stock. He also has H4831 if anyone has pet loads for that?

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    Hodgdon is great powder,will look frew my reloading manuals and see what works with them,atb swaro

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    Quote Originally Posted by captdavid View Post
    You didn't ask, but I'll through this in. Use H4350. If it don't shoot that well you need an exorcist! capt david

    +1 using 165 sierra game kings

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    This one is out of Ken Waters Pet Loads,165 gr Hornady s-p b t 60 grs H4831, Federal 215 primer, Federal cases at an averaged 2831 fps in a 24 inch barrel, COAL 3.30 inches. He was getting 5/8 inch, averaged, groups at 100 yrds. I got about 1 to 1 1/4 out of my rifle, which is still quite good.As always , start low and work up,so much for not giving loads online

    Good luck AB
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