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Thread: Muzzle Flip

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    Muzzle Flip

    ok folks,

    I appreciate this have probably been done to death but here goes.

    I am shooting the Tikka T3 Hunter in .270Win; I like the round and can group well with rifle, i dont suffer from recoil but i have noticed the muzzle flip alot more since some other canditates on my DSC 1 commented on it. I currently use a ASE Northstar on the rifle, i does a good job with noise reduction but the muzzle flip is suprising considering it is a hefty mod.

    Any advice


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    I wouldnt let muzzle flip bother you, unless you are concerned about not seeing the bullet strike.
    If you are shooting off a bench try steadying the rifle by holding the scope with your left hand, ie put pressure onto the top. it will reduce the flip.
    Failing that maybe reduced loads, but as you said recoil is not a problem so why bother.
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    You know when your hold & technique is right when after flipping up the crosshairs drop back right onto your target.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorric View Post
    You know when your hold & technique is right when after flipping up the crosshairs drop back right onto your target.

    I think however experienced you are, some rifle set-ups in certain calibres will not naturally come back to point of aim. Apart from the caliber, the type of stock, its fit and barrel length all play a part.

    Moderator can help but not all mods redirect the gasses enough to counteract the recoil. T8s are probably best for this but personally I don't like them.

    If you can group well then I wouldn't worry about it. Just get out and build up your confidence by knocking more deer over with it.

    I used an unmoderated .270 when I started stalking and it was never a good idea spending too much time on the range with it. You are likely to end up with a flinch. Like you I could shoot fine with it and out in the field I rarely noticed the recoil or muzzle flip as I was focused on the job in hand. If you feel you need practice on the range then you can always use a rimfire or even an air-rifle instead.

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    Generally a heavier scope or higher mounted scope, light weight stock and/or high positioned recoil pad are factors that reduce muzzleflip.

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    tie a brick around the end sorry could not resist that one

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    when i used a mod on my 270 i found a pez t12 was exellent at controlling the sound and muzzleflip very well i dont use a mod now with my stutzen and i can see the bullet strike no problem but i have adapted my shooting style to suite ,hope this helps ,wayne.
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    ask a smith to re-thread the barrel so it's facing downwards,,it's then called 'flop'..

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    Some interesting repsonses, thanks guys, though humfing a brick around ... hmmm must try harder!!!

    Tackleberry270, i think your right in what you say, concentrate with the job in hand and keep knocking over deer with it.



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    it wasnt a problem until someone pointed it out, if the gun shoots straight then there is no problem as far as i can see. I lose sight picture on my 243 with 70grainers with a ASE UTRA S5 on the end but I cradle my rifle forend or just rest it on sticks, never been an issue.........until now

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