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Thread: Federal or Lapua cases best?

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    Federal or Lapua cases best?

    I have some federal cases 6,5x55 from factory powershok ammo. I friend said buy some lapua cases for reloading as they are very consistent. Are the federal cases as good for reloading as the lapua's? I am not a target shooter but would like to try some home loading.

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    Well, no one really raves on about Federal brass like they do about Lapua...

    Having said that, there's nothing wrong with Federal brass for reloading, especially if you're just starting. See how you get on with the Federal brass and when you want to treat yourself, buy Lapua.

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    does it make a difference if the brass is from different makers.

    I have some norma brass for my 6.5 but also some federal, can i mix them about after they have been fired once fromt he same rifle?

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    I guess you (Mossy-dog)and I are at the same level here. I thought the cases ddin't mske muh differnec as it was the powder weights that go in and the bullets? I guess the internal volumes can change a little?

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    Changing one component in reloading can make a difference. This can be the primer, case, powder, bullet head. If you are going to reload, then make them in batches using the same brass to keep the results as similar as possible.


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    It's best to keep to keep different brands of cases separate. The thinking is that if they have different weights and wall thickness etc then the capacity of the case can vary. This can apparently give quite different pressure readings, but is not something I've tested.

    I know my .270 and .308 really couldn't care less what brand I use, but I still don't mix them up. The main thing is to look after your cases.

    I use all sorts from cheap PPU (can be difficult to chamber and the bases sometimes need filing down) to Fed, Norma, Remington Peters, Winchester, RWS, DWM, Hornady and Lapua and I don't really have a favourite. Just can't get my head round how much they cost now! Lapua requires a 2nd mortgage

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    Do not mix brands of brass. Especially don't mix Norma and Lapua with others.

    Lapua especially is manufactured using a slightly softer alloy and the wall is thicker. Therefore they are much easier to re-form and reload - resizing to a more consistent 'shape'. However, being slightly thicker in the wall, there is less volume inside so the same powder charge will result in a slightly higher pressure. Lapua is generally considered the best, with norma snapping at their heels.

    Federal used to be a very well respected brand. Traditionally federal would calibrate their machines and start production of their cases. After so many hundred thousand, the tolerances would widen and they'd stop, change the stamping and then continue making cases (without altering) but this time they'd be for remington (and stamped so). Unfortunately at this time in high demand by the military, the US manufacturers are more concerned with volume than quality.
    Many serious re-loaders won't use Federal now. However, does it really matter if you're only intending to shoot deer out to say 300yds?

    Just don't mix up the brass - you'll end up with inconsistent pressures, large groups, etc

    Lastly, put it in context

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    i used to use a mixed batch of federal, winchester, lapua, norma etc in my .243 and .308, when i bought new lapua my groups got worse until they had been shot a few times. just cant understand that?

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    Do you use Cider as a propellant or is it just for cleaning the throat so to speak?

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    That'll be because when first bought, the cases are made to a set size. However each rifle has a slightly different sized chamber. When fired a few times, the brass will expand to fit your rifles' chamber exactly; no gaps, etc.
    Once formed to fit your rifle = better fit = better accuracy.

    Benchrest shooters will buy brass, reload them with anything and blat them out a few times before attempting any accuracy/competitions.

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