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    Bullet choice

    As it appears from another thread that you are able to import ammunition components I was going to order some bullets in from the US. Was going to get 50 Nosler partition to try but wonder what other people have found perform well. Can get another 100 so was wondering what else people rated. I'm using a .270 and looking at 130-140g bullet

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    I use 140gr Hornady boat-tail softpoints ('Interlock', I think) in my .270. Inexpensive, uncomplicated and effective.

    My experience of Nosler Partitions is limited, but suggests supports the idea that they are intended to give deep penetration on beasts wider than we find in these islands of ours. I found the effects for chest-shots on red hinds at least were not as good as standard softpoints.

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    for me i started using seirra gamekings when i started reloading and have found good accuracy but shooting bigger than roe i wasnt getting exits ,i use interlocks in 130 grain and 140 also 150grain which i like very much i recently have been using sst in 130 grain and boy do they give a massive blood trail i havnt had much meat damage but i have heard others have so i guess i have been lucky . speer grand slams have been exellent in 130 grain and nosler partitions have also been exellent so would be happy with any of those but the seirra in heavier game. I have two 270 and found all of these to be accurate in both rifles with the same load i am running at a fast speed ,atb wayne
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    I'm currently running 130g Speer Hot cor and have been reasonably impressed just fancied trying some other recipes out. Have looked at Hornady and was thinking along those lines.

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    Barnes Tsx or Ttsx but choose a lighter bullet weight than your normal lead bullet such as the 110 grain Ttsx would be phenomenal

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    I am having excellent results with Berger Hunting VLD. Scary Accurate and bang flop on Roe. Admittedly Roe is all i have shot as yet with them.
    Other than that i find Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting to be very accurate and effective on Roe, Red and Fallow.
    You will enjoy finding out.


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    I have recently started using Nosler Partitons after using Hornady Spire Points for some time. They are both 150 grain and I'm shooting a 308Win

    The Partitions aren't quite as accurate as the Spire Points were and for some reason I can't seem to drive them quite as fast or the accuracy really goes to pot, the Spire Points will make 3000fps whereas I seem to have settled around 2700fps for the Partitions. Given that it took me a little while to work up a load for them as I wasn't able to just drop them on top of my Spire Point load and tweek a little bit, so you might want to consider ordering more than 50 of them as it might take you more than that to get a load.

    I've found that the Partitions will sometimes, though not every time, put a chest shot sika straight down whereas my experience with the Spire Points was that they always ran at least 50 yards no matter how extreme the damage. I also chest shot one red hind with a Partition and she went down so fast the estate stalker though I'd shot her in the head. On the other side of the story I also shot one wee sika stag calf with a Partition and I would guess he ran at least 150 yards though to be fair he wasn't actually standing as square broadside as I though and so the shot wasn't perfect by any measure. I also think that I was getting more meat damage with the Spire Points than with the Partitions - I shot a sika calf in the chest with a Spire Point at about 60 yards and not only did he run well over 50 yards but I lost everything apart from the two rear haunches. Not statistically significant I know but along with the other factors enough to make me think the Partitions might, over time, be "better" than the Spire Points.

    I've never recovered either a Spire Point or a Partition from a chest shot deer. I have recovered one Partition from a sika stag I shot in the head. The angle was downwards and the bullet was found down his neck though it wasn't me that found it so I don't know exactly how far it had travelled or if it had broken a lot of bone on its journey but I was a little interested to find that it didn't exit. What I can say is that the recovered bullet looked like a magazine advert for bullet performance and I will attach a few photos.

    At the minute I'm using the Partitions as my go to load as meat damage seems reasonable and performance so far has been good. While I'm pleased that they are putting some chest shot sika straight down for me I'm inclined to suspect that this is, mostly, luck and that the Spire Points may well have done the same thing now and again but I just never had it happen for me. In the mean time the partitions are sufficiently more "lucky" than the spire points to have me sticking with them, at least until I get the urge to try something else.

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    I've used partitions a bit on reds, and have nothing but confidence in them. however, if you shoot them at too close range and thus at that point travelling very fast, they may over-penetrate before they expand sufficiently - I guess that's the only potential downside of this brilliant bullet.

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