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    firearms collectors

    I know a few people who have vast collections of firearms here in the UK. they are not de-commissioned, these are fully functional and shootable firearms. my question is, how do you get permission to collect firearms that you can shoot and store, etc. without being able to 'justify' it from a normal hunting/stalking/target shooting perspective?

    clearly having say, 200 firearms cannot be authorised by the normal procedures?.. is this feasible simply because some of these individuals are rather wealthy and influential in society?

    ...I want to know..LOL

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    This may not answer your question, but it appears to be much easier to get permission for smaller calibres than those you already have permission for. For instance, if you have authority for a .243, and ask for a .222, the process seems to be much more of a formality. At least that's my experience with LBP, who seem to take the perfectly sensible attitude that if you can be trusted with a big gun, and have land suitable for it, then letting you have a smaller one really doesn't increase public risk.

    Presumably 'collector' can be given as good reason - though I guess you'd have to have a prior history of responsible ownership for other reasons first.

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    I think your question relates to how an individual gains authority to possess a collection in the first instance? From what I have seen it is pretty difficult. There are allowances in the firearms act to possess as part of a collection (mainly section 7 for historic arms) but to get the authority to start the collection is the tricky bit. Inheritance is one way. Historic military firearms either on or off ticket can sometimes be kept within the family (legally) if gone about in the right way. Experts in their field or people involved with museums or arms restoration etc.

    Like you I think there are ways of getting authority if you move in the right circles but I still think certain criteria has to be met.

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    Most real collectors pieces will not be shot, so often there is no ammunition on the ticket. Also, a lot of collectors are also RFDs

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    Most real collectors pieces will not be shot, so often there is no ammunition on the ticket. Also, a lot of collectors are also RFDs

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