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Thread: selling price?

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    selling price?

    Hi folks....I am thinking of selling my Remington 22-250 rifle which i have owned from new, but dont know at what price. Any advice would be of help..


    REMINGTON 22-250 Varmint 26" Barrel with only 380 (hand loaded) rounds through it.
    Rifle Basix trigger
    SYS moderator
    Boyds thumbhole varmint stock (bedded), and standard plastic stock.

    I would also sell the reloading gear (Forster neck die, RCBS Comp bullet seater and RCBS FL Die) too with once fired 100 Lapua cases and 300 remington cases (20 unfired).

    Ball park price to expect for all as a complete outfit, and also broken down would be good too...

    Thanks in advance


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    simply its very hard to put a price on 700's everyone and their dog seems to criticise them so the reputation leads to poor prices. Get a decent advert and pictures up and you may get lucky as it sounds like it will be quite a good looking one so to speak as a package its worth no where as much as it is separately unless you really strike lucky. At a guess the package is well worth 800 but you may find it hard to shift, I've just sold a .223 sps with hogue stock, rifle basix trigger and DM80 mod to a mate for 450 and that I had advertised at the same for a while and never got a sniff of a sale. I'd then kept it as it shot beautifully and held it for a mate who had used it and knew it shot well. If you don't get a sniff then separate everything and then sell the standard rifle cheap.

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    It's hard to say, but browsing guntrader and my signature below may give you some ideas. The only comment I would make is, have you thought of keeping the rifle and re-barreling it?

    Good luck. JCS

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    Fantastic rifle it was my first centre fire the same as yours and a rifle i will never part with .hard to put a price on as has been said but if you said half price for everything mentioned and half for all the add on's what does that add upto ?
    I love the old remy's and I am pretty fond of my steyrs too ! but I've never been one to have what everyone else in the big boys club had !lol

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    I love the rifle and how well it shoots, droping everything in sight very efficiently.
    My thoughts are to sell it to fund something a bit more specialised in caliber, and give some one a chance for an awesome shooting outfit with not very many rounds through it.....
    If it were to be kept, it would cost too much to do a blueprinting job on the action to make it viable project.

    Thanks every one for your input!

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    Ok....time to sell, but with a scope (6-24x44), rings and NF 20moa bases too.

    I will be posting this up here for sale in the next few days, along with other forums and gun trader for 950 ono

    pm me if interested

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