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Thread: Here I am

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    Here I am

    Greetings all, tornado ted here.

    Well it's not actually, the name's Bri or sometimes "that old git" I'm on the derby/notts and almost yorks border, M1 junc 29ish

    Seriously let me explain myself.
    I will be 60 in a week or 2's time. Early retired at 55 due to a serious cycling accident that left me damaged shall we say.

    I consider myself a country bumkin by nature, had my 1st shotgun at 15, and air rifles before.
    Started fishing at age 13 and still at it apart from a few breaks.
    I was a member of a couple of archery clubs and still use both compound and american flat bows.
    Started with firearms at about 40 but only ever had a few .22 rimfires in-spite of putting a slot for a .223 on the ticket several times.

    Present gear ruger 77/22 stainless target laminated .22, savage thumb-hole heavy barrel stainless lam .17hmr and a still unfilled .223 slot. Also a winchester sxp pump 12g.

    Ticket is in for renewal at present and at last I am going to get a .223 before I get too old, already needing to shoot at longer ranges than in my earlier days.

    So why have I joined here?
    I don't seriously want to get into stalking, I don't think I could, can still do a couple of miles but that's about it, but before it gets too late I would really like to get out and have a go.

    I don't know the form here but I'm hoping I can at least get some contact details of opportunities to take part in a stalk, even shoot if that's possible, but to be honest I'm very unsure of the opportunities and costs and if anyone can offer any leads I would appreciate it.
    Please don't lets this come over as someone wanting to edge in on another's sport, far from it, I had so much land that I couldn't cover it so have given up on all but the best bits.
    No, I simply wanted/want a taste of 1 area of country sport that I haven't experienced.

    That's me, if I have gone overboard here then please excuse my ignorance and please repost my ramblings in a more appropriate section of the forum.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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