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Thread: Are We In For A Bad Winter

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    Are We In For A Bad Winter

    Following another successful trip to the Borders last Thursday through to Monday. While carrying out the grallach's the kidneys were totally encased in fat, the skirts arround the stomach were marbled with fat and when i removed the pelts there was also a coating of fat. The last time i grallached Deer at this time of year with so much fat build up a harsh winter followed. Has anyone else grallached deer this week with similar experience.


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    hi jimbo i did a roe last sat and couldnt believe how much fat was in there ,kidneys were covered and real thick more than i have seen before and all around the anal canal and backstraps so would be interested to here others thaughts, atb wayne
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    Looks like we will be getting plenty fruit pudding from the suet

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    Probably , would e a fitting end to this year

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    I hope we do get a really harsh winter, we are due one I reckon. I am in desperate need of some snow to drop some of the bracken so I can see my deer for a start!

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    The two we shot last weekend were like Bacon Pigs. Not sure if this means a hard Winter or not. We shoot in Borders too.
    Snow would be nice, we have a lot of willow herb that needs flattening.


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    Hope the winter up here in Speyside is not that bad, there are a lot of very small kids about and two of the last three does a friend shot a couple of weeks ago had no fat on what so ever. We even had a dead kid on the lawn one morning two weeks ago, it had been around the garden the night before .I doubt weighed more than 15 kg, nothing but skin and bones and had been scouring. Sad but better dead.

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    Hope the winter is not as bad as last year, there seems to have been a very poor harvest this Autumn, a hard winter on top of that would mean hard times for many species. I'm already feeding the birds in the garden - oh and shooting the magpies that visit the bird table.

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    you lad that want snow ,can have mine ,lets have less talk of hard winter,

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    I don't know what it means, but I had a buck recently that was absolutely loaded with fat, particularly around the kidneys as others have said.

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