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Thread: Odd munty antler

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    Odd munty antler

    A while ago l took this munty, it has what appears to be an additional antler protruding from its pedicle, its about 3/4" long with a small brow tine, l have seen something simular on a couple of roe culled on an estate in scotland although they was only small buttons, has anyone else seen this in muntjac before.


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    I have seen a few like this over the years.

    Do you have any pictures of the teeth, as from the antlers, skull and pedicles he does not seem to be an old animal.

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    That's an interesting one for sure. I wonder if anybody can offer an explanation as to how these extra growths/eruptions are inititated. Might they merge into the main growth in future years as the pedicle retreats?

    For the record, here's a picture of a 6 pointer I took last year.

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    Could be the result of some kind of puncture to the pedicle - such as No 6 shot perhaps? Perhaps Morena might be able to comment here.

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