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    HI guys I am once again i NZ and this afternoon a mate phoned me so say he had just bought a cheep rifle in 7.62x39 and could he come over and have a few shots with it (also did I want to go and try it out Sunday morning on some goats),
    My question is do any of you use them at home ?It looks like a cut down .308.
    Any way we are heading out in the morning so will see how it goes.
    Thanks alot Ian.

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    If its the Chinese make, I know from experience that the ak version is extremely inaccurate, more a spray and display, only shot one overthere.

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    A few guys use 7.62x39 rifles for woodland stalking in the U.K. but it isn't a popular calibre for sporting rifles probably the most common is one of the Brno model rifles. One of the issues is the sparce availability of suitable ammunition unless you reload, no problem getting fmj but expanding is another matter. In NZ and some other countries there is no shortage of rifles in this calibre but they are mainly self loaders so illegal in the U.K. Mainly Klashnikov SKS rifles and the later AK or it's variants are extremly popular but there also a number of converted No4 Enfields about. What was the actual rifle you shot.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I own a russian sks and a czech vz 858, they're great little rifles but not overly accurate 3 to 4 inch groups with the sks and 2 to 3 in the 858. Those groups are with good commercial ammo , not surplus. I don't hunt deer with mine( I've got other rifles that are better suited ) but I have a few friends that do. They use theirs on white-tails in timber , 100yrds and under. One of them calls his a commie 30-30 which is probably a fairly accurate description of the rounds performance on smaller deer. Not my idea of the ideal deer rifle, but whatever floats your boat


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    Just back indoors now wet and cold so much for summer!
    The rifle was a chinese bolt action not sure of the make ( very tinny though) with regards to it shooting sraight I head shot a hare at 125 yrds with it this morning so not too bad. No goats were about but we did shoot red stag with my mates 270.

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    This wouldn't happen to be the rifle would it
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    This wouldn't happen to be the rifle would it
    Yes thats one but his one had a moderator on it. He bought his off of "trade me" (NZ type of E Bay) I will have to show him your link as I think he paid similar money second hand.

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    I think, but may be wrong, that it JUST fails to make the velocity requirements of some of the deer legislation.

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    My mate from England has a CZ in 7.62X39, he home loads for it and loves it, but it doesn’t make the require power levels for use on big deer up here in Scotland.



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