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Thread: So dangerous it should be illegal.

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    So dangerous it should be illegal.

    Yesterday I was a guest of David1976 at his pheasant shoot. The shoot captains brother had dies and he was disposing of some cartridge belts. One was left and as I was shooting 20 bore he gave it to me. The belt is the strangest I have ever seen. It is a normal 12 bore belt except that it has a zip along the top. This zip puts on a second tier of cartridge loops then the belt has two strips of cartridges. Only thing is this second row is twenty bore. Why would a cartridge belt have 12 and 20 bore on the same belt? The danger is plain to see. Any answers? Jim

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    More pointless I would say. If you're shooting 20-bore, you wouldn't want to carry the extra weight of a belt full of 12s as well and even if the ring of 12s was empty would you want the bulk of a 'double-decker' belt?
    However, surely the shooter has ultimately got to be responsible to only carry the cartridges suitable for the firearm he is using at the time?

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    As is often the case when someone dies, I suspect things have got mixed up and somewhere there is a very similar belt but the other way around?

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