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    Is it worth using an A-bolt as donation rifle? In Belgium Tikka or Sako are almost never seen. Never seen a second hand one in a few years. At the present the A-bolt composite stalker sells for about 600 euro against a T3 lite 1100 euro. The A bolt is only available in 223 , 243 , 30-06 and 300 Win Mag. In the US they seem still marketed, but in Europe they seem to replace it by the X bolt. I think getting a 223 and a 30-06 and put my Zeiss 6x42 scopes on it.
    Would it be worth getting an extra A bolt to use the stock and action and have it rebarelled in a foolish moment to something special. Maybe a 243 and rebarrel it into 6,5x47 ?

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    I always liked the A-Bolt. Nifty detachable mag too. A friend of mine has a 243 Ackley built on one and it is fine once the Mag was tweeked to feed the Ackley case. I would not hesitate to have a semi custom built on one should an Action be available.


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    Of all the firearms I've owned in my 51 years the only Browning A-Bolt I've owned was one of the A-Bolt rifled shotguns that was made maybe 10 years ago .

    I bought one NIB a couple years after they stopped the initial production run . Killed 4 or 5 deer with it and sold it to someone that wanted it for far more then I paid and far more then I wanted it .

    Gun shot very well with Winchester Partition Gold 12 gauge 2 3/4" shells , problem was I also had a Savage 210F 12 gauge rifled slugger that would shoot a tad better and cost about half as much . I still have the Savage and made about $300 on the Browning when I sold it about a year after I got it .

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    I use an A-Bolt;it has a number of good features. I think the magazine set up is quite possibly the best set up for a stalking rifle; it has a DM magazine which is connected to a drop down floor plate. The best of both worlds as you can top load without removing the mag’ during a stalk and there is no chance of accidently hitting the mag’ catch and losing the mag’ in the field.

    The safety is a tang mounted one which I think is perfect positioning for a safety no chance of accidentally knocking it off but easy to reach. It locks the bolt down when on, the down side is it is only a two position one, so it is safety "off" to unload.

    The bolt is a three lug set up same as a Sako, while this is theoretically idea for supporting the case head it also means you have plenty of clearance between the bolt handle and the scope.

    The bolt its self is of modular construction meaning that you can change the bolt head if the rifle you buy has a different case head to the one you want.

    There are no replacement triggers available but they can be reworked with a cheap spring kit. After market stocks are available from Bell and Carlson, maybe others.

    Unless youare looking at a big magazine tactical type rifle I can’t think of any disadvantages of using a A-Bolt over a Tikka, Remm’y ect and a number of advantages.


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    Fine stalking setup. I have had one in .243 and .308. I found the action to be excellent and the trigger very acceptable, it is adjustable and some spring kits available aftermarket, in my humble opinion for only little advantage. I considered going down the semi custom route with one but just decided to change for variety. I think I may regret it for a long time

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    I had a Browning A bolt 300 WM stainless stalker with BOSS, superb rifle, very light, very accurate, crisp recoil
    just replaced it with a .338 WM . . . for those really big rabbits !

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