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Thread: 22 250 scope

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    22 250 scope

    Im trying to decide on a new scope for my remi 700, going to be used for target, deer and vermin etc,

    was considering a Simmons wtc 3-10 x 50 or a MTC Mamba 4-16 x 50

    or anything else around that price range


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    I have an old remy 700 varmint barrel in 22/250 I have a 8x56 s/bender Hungarian on it 30mm tube and it suits it very well no fiddle point and shoot !

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    are you taking roe or foxes?

    I had a simmons WTC 5-20 x 50 on mine. Have to say i dont have that calibre now and prefer fixed mags but if you are a "fiddler" and shooting foxes out to 300m then a decent variable is what you need

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    whats your budget? and what range for target, vermin

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    Bushnell Legend 4-12 x 40 with paralax adjustment is what I have on my 243 (foxing) very good scope for the money and very good in low light.

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    I would opt for a secondhand fixed mag schmidt bender/zeiss you can pick them up fairly cheap if you look about, these will be better in low light and far better if out lamping fox, all my variable scopes are set at 7 or 8 power anyway

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    To me a 22-250 is a long range calibre and as such deserves a scope with a bit of mag, a fixed 8 power scope is not going to be much good for target work. You can always turn a decent variable power down but you can't turn a fixed power up. I also find zeroing and load development easier with a higher mag scope

    I prefer the Mamba to the Simmons of the two scopes you mention

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    thanks for the replys, still undecided but might try both out and go from there

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    get the 6x24x50 simmons mtc are mince bud and garry whats his name is a tosser i phoned him regarding a purchase of the new scope just out could not tell me eney thing about it he sells them but knows bugger all about the item and is the most agrivating person i have ever had on the phone just talks right over you when i told him i used a 7mm rem mag for foxing he repliyed at over 100yards with night vision like a 7mm rem mag cant shoot over 100yards and we all use crap n/v at 5000for a dedicated unit i think i can shoot more than 100yards but back on track simmons night view better than mtc in my book

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