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Thread: Mattersey Rifle and Pistol Club

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    Mattersey Rifle and Pistol Club

    Is anyone on here a member?

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    im planning on joining as soon as i have the cash spare.....its not cheap but its going to be ideal i think. sounds like they have some good plans for that place

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    just had a quick look on their site and they have an open day next saturday 10:00-16:00. i might try and get over to have a look

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    I might have a look myself

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    I've sent a few emails and never got a reply. I would love to join


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    when did you last email steve? i did a few years ago and i didnt get anywhere either but i think the club might have had a few changes since then. i asked couple of months ago and i received a call from a man called brent(i think) who was telling me all about the club etc. i think they have plans to build 2 and 300 yard ranges if they havent already etc. it would be worth trying again or maybe just go over on saturday i assume your prob not too far away with your location? like i say its not cheap but you get your own key which makes it more convenient than most clubs

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    Just been for a look, hard to find, no greeting comitee, no one seemed interested, never thought to take eye and ear protection because it's an open day, so not allowed on the firing points, could not really have a good look around so came home. On the plus side, lots of firing points and looks like it has potential.
    Joining for me a shift worker would be difficult due to the induction process, so I will leave it on a back burner untill the 2 and 3 hundred ranges emerge.


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    thanks for the heads up jim, i didnt manage to get over myself. i was also told they will be doing practical shotgun if they havent started that already? if i find out anymore etc ill add info on here

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    I went, paid my 100 and had my interview. There was one particularly obnoxious person on the interview panel who treated me and the people who went in before me like idiots. I recall him saying I don't care how long you have been shooting Mr, when you come here you are a beginner until proven otherwise (To the person who went in before me) He came out looking shell shocked.

    I have had my licence 21 years, I got a rather obnoxious lesson on how to apply for my renewal and how to bolt a cabinet to a wall.

    The rules say you cannot use the fullbore range until you have served a 3 month probation so for 3 months I would have been doing a 70 mile round trip to use my .22lr whilst a .222 and a .270 sat in the cabinent. I would have to show that I knew how to clean my rifle etc.

    So in short, it was a bad 100 punt as I thought do I really want to be treated like a retard buy someone who has spent all his life punching holes in paper or do I just get on with my own thing on my own land.

    To be fair, the other people I met there were fine but you know what its like when you give some people a bit of power.

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    Oh dear, seems like they don't really want new members, just money to build the new ranges, do you know what credentials Mr obnoxious has to his name?.
    I did look through the doorway on one range where they were changing and patching targets, no breech flags were visible and some guns were faced port down, so no need for Mr High and Mighty to get on his soap box.



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