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Thread: Scent Shoes

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    Scent Shoes

    I am after some scent shoes, anyone know the best place to buy some at a reasonable price?

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    scent shoes

    clive paint and have the shoes tom

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    if paint and pins are out of stock try this link

    shockingly fast service when I ordered mine.

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    Try this page also they are well regarded.

    This Färtenschue system was invented ca. 20 years ago by a Polish hunter and is a very effective training tool.
    But dont forget to set up the blood (schweiss) track in the woods or field first.

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    I would not suggest walking the trail twice, more chance the dog will track you than the trail you have laid.

    1.I put scent shoes on.
    2.Squirt a little blood on ground to simulate shot and stamp about and wipe bottom of scent shoes in this to cover any of my sent on them.
    3. Get margerine pot and put washing up sponge in and soak with blood.
    4. Every 50 meters re dip cleaves on blood soaked sponge (if you want a dog thats any good be really sparing with the blood, use too much and you produce a lazy dog). Use approx 1 cup full per 250m.
    5. clip coloured clothes pegs on vegetation along the scent trail (top tip from jagare) or you will forget the trail. You will pick them up when you track it.
    6. Retreat for 24hours minimum, eat plenty of red meat, drink beer and wine and enjoy the company of a pretty woman. Your trail is now ready to track. If beer food or pretty women are in short supply do not worry your trail will mature anyway but you wont have a smug smile when you start it.

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