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Thread: Which new Hornet

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    Which new Hornet

    First purchased my BSA Hornet about three years ago, to see if I could get on with the caliber. What a great all round caliber, and one I would not consider being without. So, here's the question. I am going to replace this rifle with a new one, but which. I am aware that CZ do one, but unsure of any others. Has anybody got any experience with new ones, good or bad.
    Many thanks for any input.

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    Only the obvious choice, the CZ perfect accuracy from the box, and it's the only rifle I heard same about time and time again.
    I had considered both the Ruger and the Thompson Contender, but lots of reading put me off both.
    Only other one was the Weihrauch and that seemed to only be available with a very short barrel, so not considered.


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    Cz about the best good with 35 max hornady

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    My gunsmith buddy has a CZ527 in a Hornet and it shoots very nicely with factory and some better with my handloads .

    It however shoots nowhere near as well as his CZ527 in 223 with the 1-9 twist barrel !
    I shot a 3 shot group at 100 yards a month or two ago with the 223 that was less then 2/10ths of an inch .

    My friend is in a dither to get one of the new CZ527's in 17 Hornet , but they've not hit the dealer network yet .

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    i have yet to hear of cz that does shoot, out of the box. I love mine

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    Very happy with my Weirauch, 23 inch barrel.

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    Rebarrel the BSA


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    Quote Originally Posted by MarinePMI View Post
    CZ or Browning.

    Browning, really


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