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Thread: night shooting for rabbit or fox for fallow buck stalk

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    night shooting for rabbit or fox for fallow buck stalk

    any one interested in joining me using my high grade NV equipment gen 3 and digi over my walked ground for fox or rabbit your choice, in exchange for fallow buck stalking, I just want one fair head, several trips can be arranged but fair weather is needed sussex area, ish, good chance for anyone considering buying NV or wanting shooting experience at night, I'm very experienced and can give training?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate hunter View Post
    Good luck!!!

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    without being rude more than likely foke with fallow stalking also control the fox/rabbit on the same or neighboring estate. Maybe if you have a trade you can offer in exchange for stalking? or maybe you have access for roe/red/muntjac ect and would like to do a swop for fallow you may stand a better chance.

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    I thought the sledging on classifieds was banned

    guy has a simple offer, if you don't like it don't comment or PM him if you have advice
    not everyone has foxes/rabbit shooting or people with high end NV as mates

    OP be specific in your ad.
    what kind of high end NV are we talking?

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    thanks i see your point but the stalking i have is all privileged roe, for pest control, so i cant offer this, i had a bad experienced paid stalk last year and have just been quoted 120 to stalk and 750 for a fair fallow head locally, i could only offer pest control or cash and with my last 2 attempts for cash? cheers though happy stalking

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    my nv is a gen 3 add on, i can see rabbit to 300m clearly i tried 5 sorts over the years and working in p c i found none better i used it on .22rim to .308 its used heavily most dry weeks more so during lambing, good hunting

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    I'm surprised with gen 3 and doing pest control in pulborough you won't have access to deer yourself??
    Atb Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    I'm surprised with gen 3 and doing pest control in pulborough you won't have access to deer yourself??
    Atb Steve
    as said i only have access to roe on my ground ive done as most would, lots of door knocking, i would carry out p c for the stalking as i do now but no luck as yet, lot of corvid rabbit fox pigeon. but not to much as retired from the dirty stuff mole rat bugs etc, yuk, i helped a guy with red hinds 2 year ago but the trip was too long weather wind n heavy rain forest bog, good company though. any suggestions, carl

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    Now if you offered a good buck in exchange that might help you . Not being funny Carl just trying to help. Who did you stalk with that left a bad taste? Best pm
    atb Steve

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