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Thread: Lucky bugger

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    Lucky bugger

    Hi All,
    As a thank you for doing the wiring in Robin's new chiller room, he agreed to take me and my son Vince for an afternoon stalking on his ground - the only condition being not to shoot any roe deer. Vince has been rough shooting since he was twelve but had never had the opportunity to shoot a deer. Before we arrived at the ground we decided that I should sit with Vince in the double high seat.

    We arrived to find that all the fields had been ploughed so Robin thought it would be best if we sat in the doe box overlooking a valley of rough grassland. Having parked the car and trailer we walked to the doe box and made ourselves comfortable. We sat talking quietly about where to place the shot - he had decided to use the .243 as he thought the 270 was viscious.

    As the light began to fade three roe deer appeared from our right and slowly walked in front of us at about eighty yards. Vince got quite excited and said the last one was standing just right for a shot but I had to tell him we were not allowed to shoot them. We were losing the light fast but as I glassed the valley, I spotted the backside of a fallow deer in the tall grass. I asked if vince could pick him out through the scope and he said he could. I was just about to say if he turns and you have a clear shot take it, but before I could get the words out, a big buck ran out of the wood and stood broadside. Vince was on him and a shot rang out I heard the bullet strike but both deer ran off into the wood. Vince was convinced that he had injured the deer and it was a runner.

    I Sent him back to the car to meet Robin and bring the quad bike and Roly our cocker spaniel who had been waiting patiently in the car. I walked down the valley and went into the wood and quickly found the buck wedged in branches half way down a bank. It could not have ended up in a more awkward place. Vince Robin and Roly arrived on the quad and we managed to drive it into the wood above the animal. With a long rope, Vince driving the quad and Robin and myself dragging we eventually got the carcass into the field.

    Vince got stuck in and with Robin's guidance performed the grallock. Vince was cerimoniously blooded. The carcass was loaded onto the quad and taken back to the car. Back at Robin's larder we trimmed the carcass and with a struggle we lifted it into the chiller. We are not sure of the exact weight but it was in excess of 200lbs.

    Well what a result his first shot at a deer was a good one taking out both lungs and he landed himself a master buck, I expect it will be all down hill from now on. I would like to say a big big thank you to Robin for giving Vince an evening I am sure he will never forget - I know I won't.

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    wow what a cracker he probably wont get one like that for a while, nice writeup. has he stopped grinning yet, atb wayne
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    Nice start. He'll be hooked now. Next time though he may flinch a bit at the cost of such a beast.
    Well done lads.

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    Wow, what a buck!

    Well done guys, Robin has done you proud there!

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    well done. thats a cracking beast, happy hunting

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    Can vince pick my lottery numbers Saturday . Great buck !!!!!

    Atb Steve

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    very well done and what a first buck , ive shot about 20 fallow and never shot one that good

    hope its one of many to come

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    hi sussexfallow the numbers are 22,10 oh maybe i might play myself after last nights luck,good to cya on here m8
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    What a beauty...very well done
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    welldone, cracking animal

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