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    Never hear much about Winchester's in any caliber, was wondering why that was,reason I ask seen a nice one in 243 in the borders gun room within budget.but not sure.are they crap views please.ta Stuart.

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    A lot will depend on what model and how old. The Winchester 70 went out of production with the closure of USRAC who made them for a fair number of years. The new model 70's are made by a company set up by FN and they are slightly different to the old USRAC made ones.

    IHMO they are better made than the Remington 700 others may have other ideas though.

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    The Winchester 70 USED to be called the "Riflemans Rifle" - & there was a good reason for it having that name

    I rate the pre-'64 ones as much better than any Rem 700 - and even the post-'64 & the last of the USA made ones are a better rifle - IMO

    If you like the gun & it is withing budget, go for it!!

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    I have 2 Winchester model 70's, a Coyote Lite in 22-250 and a .270 both stainless synthetic and they both shoot well.

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    I've owned a few model 70's over the years, one pre 64 feather-wieght in 30-06 and 3 post 64 push feeds. All of them were accurate, reliable rifles. The pre 64's are considered more desirable ( one gun club busy body actually gave me a hard time for using mine for hunting) but as far as hunting rifles go I'd take either one. If you can pick one up for a good price, I'd take it.


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