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Thread: Xfactor

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    Watched xfactor results last night and i must admit to feeling sick by the results. I love the program it is a chance to see new and up and coming talent at its raw state. A young girl ELLA got put out she has with out doubt one of the best voices i have ever heard. The reason i feel cheated is a Gay chap Rylan who has a voice like the mating call of a double breasted sledge hammer was kept in. While i am in no way homophobic i do feel this country is now getting male gays thrown in there face day in day out.
    For those who do not know what i am talking about.



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    That man is pathetic on so many levels its not even funny
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    Not that i watch it, its just the wife does and i have to suffer

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    yes, very true, but this is not a competition - it's showbiz and about making money from entertainment. look at the past people on xfactor, a bunch of monkey's and one or two decent acts to battle it out in the end. think about those two idiots,,ehh, jedward or something, oh dear!

    I bet you it's all decided before it starts out anyway, the public has not say, and all the votes is just money in the pocket of the organisers, tv station and producers.

    I'd rather settle down to a nice midsomer murders or sherlock

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    That chav judge on it saved him a couple of weeks back say that it's not all about the singing, it's about the whole package.
    I thought that's exactly what it's about.

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    that show is becoming more and more like Blazing Saddles..

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    A sing off for last place by the two best singers in the contest, aye right, it smacks of fix I'm afraid.

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    fix indeed - and what's the most ridiculous is they're taking in over 5m per month in revenue from the telephone voters. ..up there with the bankers they are...

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    defo a fix!!!!! i had those to in the final!!!! not that i watch it often!!lol

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    I watch it as well for exactly the same reasons as Davie. There is a young lad on it just now who was stacking shelves in Asda 8 weeks ago who also has a fantastic voice and like the show or not it at least gives them the exposure they otherwise may never get.

    The mentor of Ella only has herself to blame though, as does Rylans mentor, both of whom constantly supported this guy against the comments from Garry Barlow who was since the beginning saying he should never have been chosen for the live shows.

    Well be careful what you wish for because it has now come back to haunt them both with an act from each of them being pipped by the very guy they kept defending.

    I just wish Garry Barlow had pointed that out last night like he did when Tullisa's breath was stinking of fag reek a few weeks back!!!

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