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Thread: Fund raiser for Leigh./With Wayne Davies

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    Fund raiser for Leigh./With Wayne Davies

    Well after a bit of messing about on my part due to working stupid shifts finally headed up to Waynes place on saturday. Met up with Andy to make sure the zero on my rifle was ok all went well so headed to the stalking ground we met Wayne and Stuart there and a plan was hatched Wayne and Stuart would head through the bottom of the woods and push the deer towards Andy and myself so off we set to get ready we got ready for the deer to appear nothing showed up then we heard a shot and a couple of minutes later Wayne and Stuart turned up and said they seen no deer but shot a lame fox so on to plan b. Stuart then headed to a tower Wayne would wait in a narrow piece of overgrown grass and myself and Andy would head up to a small doe box?. When we arrived the light was starting to fade and it was getting cold, we made ourselves comfortable and been waiting about 20 minutes when 2 deer appeared in the field in front of us Andy ranged them at 160 yds so i got myself ready im surprised the deer didnt hear my heart beating after what seemed like an age the smallest presented a shot so i fired the impact sounded good the deer didnt go straight down but there was blood pouring out of its chest the other deer just looked at its fallen mate and carried on eating Andy said take the other one so i shot impact sounded good now my pet hate struck hit the deer legged it into the woods so we waited 10 minutes then headed up the field in the mean time Andy texted Wayne to bring the quad he arrived shortly afterwards with Max now to find the other deer after a bit of searching we found blood and the deer was dead about 10 yards inside the woods by now it was nearly dark so put deer on quad and headed back to the truck for a nice cup of tea and a hobnob i think i got it right after thanking Wayne and Stuart we headed back to Andys to pick my car up and head home i cant thank Wayne,Andy and Stuart enough for my first 2 fallow there ia photo on Waynes camera of Andy ,myself and the photogenic Max so once again i thank you atb Paul

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    Nice one mate (or two )

    Two top blokes to be out with.

    Will look forward to the pics.


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    definetely top boys to be out with well done to all concerned and for a worthy cause regards pete .

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    Hi Paul
    It was nice to meet you and a pleasure to take you out.
    thanks again for your winning bid it was very generous we will have you back for a Munty in the spring as well.



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    Well done on your first fallow, good on ya Wayne and Andy

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    Hi Paul,

    The wind wasn't ideal and we didn't see as many as we expected but you made two good shots so well done.
    Great to meet you and see you in the Spring.


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    Ill be there in the spring cant wait atb paul.

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