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Thread: The PES SS Moderator?

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    The PES SS Moderator?

    OK chaps Ė I need your advice. Although Iíve had one on a .22 for many years, Iíve never used a moderator on a deer rifle. Having heard so many positive reports about their use, Iíve ordered a T8 moderator for my 6.5x55 Sako. But, Iím having doubts. The question is not whether to have a moderator (I have already fixed on that decision) but rather, which to have. The T8 seems to be very popular, but there are some excellent stats on the PES 12 Stainless.

    Rust seems to be quite problem with moderators, and the idea of having the PESís dismantling ability attracts me. Stainless steel would seem to be logical too. If it looks a bit bright, I can simply cover it with a neoprene sleeve.

    Some input from members would be appreciated.

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    Stainless PES's are very good indeed.

    If you want one you can buy mine.

    That is a serious offer, it is a T12 Stainless Short, has a 10mm 'ole in the end and isn't proofed, so it will fine for 6.5x55. It has had about 100 shots through it - absolute maximum.

    I bought it for my .223, but is too much mod for that, I want a smaller and lighter mod as my barrel is very thin.

    You don't need the neoprene cover for the PES, you can cover it with a mountain bike inner tube.

    They don't strip down in the way you are suggesting either, you can remove the bush from the back but the baffles are retained in the outer casing.

    If you, or any one else is interested in the mod let me know on here (I see theer is a private message facility, but I haven't used it yet)

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    I have a PES stainless T12 on my 308, although they are not physically as large in circumference as the T8 they are much heavier. My stalking partner has a T8 on his 30 06 and it is much lighter. He just sprays it with oil and he has no problems with rust. He is out stalking at least once a month for a long weekend in all weathers and as you can imagine, fires a lot My next mod will be a T8 Yes the mountain bike inner tube works, but does retain heat causing haze through the scope

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    Hello Watermain,

    May I suggest you also consider the ASE UTRA S5, it too is constructed of stainless steel and is of very sturdy construction (no empty tin can sounds)
    Personaly I have resisted the fitment of such an item working on the principle that if I havenít needed it over the last twenty odd years then why do I need one now. However that said on the recommendation of others I recently had the gunsmith thread two of my rifles for the aforestated moderator and this has transformed both these firearms completely. I had been told to expect the recoil of a .222rem from my 243win and the recoil of a 243win from my 7mm rem mag. To say I was sceptical about this claim was an understatement and resisted the conversion also believing that they upset the balance and aesthetics of the rifles in question. It has to be said however that the claims of recoil reduction appear to be very close to the mark and the balance of the rifles has not been unduly affected.

    I would urge you to consider adding the ASE UTRA S5 to any shortlist you may be compiling.

    Regards remmy7,

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    Hi Watermain,

    Well I've got a PES T12 on a .243 and it's excellent and can't fault it. When it was time for me to buy a moderator I looked at the T8, ASE S5,ASE Ultra and the Wildcat. I bought the T12 because you can clean it and after a days stalk all I do is unscrew the internals and give it a wipe with a oily rag and that's it.

    JMS arms ( The importers) sell a neopreane sleave in real tree for it which costs £12 ( abit more expensive then a bike inner tube) including next day delivery.

    The moderator is heavy ish but on fireing all you hear is a loadish his and that's it. I don't notice the extra weight much when out and about but would recomend a look at one of those rucksack type sling you can buy from bush wear etc. I'll certenly be buying another PES for my .270 and 30-06 when I can afford it. Also interms of ringing sound on fireing I didn't notice any when it fired as mentioned earlier all I hear is a hiss. In addition it brough my group in by a good half inch.

    But I'm buyest toward the T12, the ASE are good as well nice and compact.

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    I have one Reflex T8 that I use on a .222, .243 and 6.5X55, this is achieved by having a different plastic screw in sleeve, which go on the end that slides over the barrel, for each rifle. I am considering also getting my Hornet threaded, and apart from the cost of threading and proofing I would just need an additional plastic sleeve. Mind you the Hornet is quiet enough so I probably will not bother.

    Is this possible with other moderators or, do you need a dedicated moderator for each rifle, which put's another £200 ish on each gun, which seems a little harsh to me.


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    I,ve got a stainless steel PES on my .17 Rem but the finish is a brushed look. My mate got one but his is polished stainless so he got a cover more expence but it done the trick. I,d take up Stuart,s offer it must be cheaper than new , ive put a good couple of thousand through mine and it,s still fine, but the nylon bush may not fit but it should be easy enough to get a replacement

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    Many thanks for all the replies. Having weighed all the possibilities, I have ordered a stainless steel T12 standard length, which gives just about the best sound reduction; and doesn't rot. I realise there are smaller alternatives, but I'm going for the least noise.

    I'll let you know how I get on with it - in due course.

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    pes moderators

    hello there,

    I have shot with a p.e.s, but not stainless on my .270 and now my .243 for a few years now and be honest i wouldn t use a full bore rifle without one again. There are too many advantages as against disadvantages, as those who use them will testify, they are naturally quieter, less recoil and mussel flip so therefore the ability to almost see the bullet hit the target and see the fox or deer drop to shot, a lot more pleasant to shoot, especially when zeroing as you do not fret about pulling the trigger before shot and finally, they do make your rifle more accurate, in my experience anyway. The disadvantage is the weight, but for my mind it is worth it, having said that, i am considering getting one of those t8s which are lighter or even one of those i think there called AR5s which are only the length of a .22 silencer but have the desired effect.

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    pes ss mod

    yes i have a pes mod iam considering alighter mod possibly the arse ultra its about half the weight of the pes

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