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Thread: Talk about digging a hole

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    Talk about digging a hole

    Shoot a stag with a shotgun ! Then he backtracks to say he meant a .22 and then a bow and arrow - and he helps make the law ????? - read it and weep !

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    talk about feeding the fire!!!! PLEB

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    His wrote: 'Beautiful antlered stag in the garden, grazing on shrubs border. Oohs of admiration from family. I just wished I still had my 12 bore handy.'

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    The League Against Cruel Sports warned that the MP's attitude was evidence that the Conservative Party wanted to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs.

    12 bore? Strange name for a dog.......

    He obviously hasn't got a clue about the law, but then again I suspect that the same could be said about most non-shooters in the UK.

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    FFS, he carelessly said "he wished" he'd had his 12bore when a stag was eating his prize delphiniums, or some such thing....

    If he'd carelessly said "he wished" Angelina Jolie would make him her sex toy would you have done anything other than smile?

    As for it being "proof" that the Tories want to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs... PMSL... Yeah!... sure... of course it does.

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    it would have been even more sad if he had exlaimed. "oh, I just wish I had my 6.5 Hornday Creedmore with 120g SST's behind 38g varget with me!"

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    Dont suppose it matters what he said. He is an MP, they all talk crap. We dont normally listen to what they say....or at least i dont !!

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    You'd think someone in the public eye would be bit more media savvy really, wouldn't you? To make an off-the-cuff remark is one thing (albeit ill-advised to do it on Twitter!), but to then go on and compound the error with nonsense about rimfires, a friend shooting a deer with a shotgun, shooting at a feral cat with an air rifle etc. well it's ignorant really isn't it.

    Sadly the media will always interpret ignorance as real intent to do the wrong thing but there we go.

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    You might think, mightn't you, that the reigning parliamentary archery champion would possibly be the one single best placed person in the entire nation to know a little bit about the law as it relates to archery for hunting in Britain. It's good thing this complete and utter pharking buffoon has no part in running the country, isn't it?

    What? He does?? You're kidding. Really!?

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    The most absurd quote is the following:

    'Labour's Kerry McCarthy told the Daily Mirror that yet another Tory had shown a desire to kill animals'.

    Are we to believe that wildlife control, abattoir workers, veterinarians putting animals to sleep etc is only practiced by those on the right-wing?

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    I always get a laugh reading the readers comments. my favourite was a guy 'ben' or something wrote "why would you want to kill any animal - vile man".

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