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Thread: Hello from Colorado

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    Hello from Colorado

    Hello all. My name is Jeremiah and i live in Colorado with my fiancee and 2 dogs. I was referred to this site by a member on another site because i stated that i had an interest in hunting the UK while on my honeymoon this upcoming September. I have hunted in the USA all my life starting with small game until i was 12 and then big game ever since then. I have hunted elk,muledeer, whitetail, pronghorn,and bear here and will be hunting Barbary sheep in February. I would really like to Hunt fallow, roe, muntjac, water deer, or sika in that order while on my trip overseas. I have been asked why no reds already and it mostly because i hunt elk every year already in the states and they are basically the same. I'm looking for a fun adventure while having a chance at a species that is different than the states can offer me.

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    sounds like a fantastic honeymoon to me!!
    Where in the uk do you think you'd like to do your stalking? (or where are you planning to stay while here?).

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    I have been looking at stalking in England mostly, but we will also be in Ireland and Scotland so those could also be possibilities. My fiancee said i can go for 3 days so i'm sure that would somewhat limit my possibilities. She would prob go to London for those days so being close to there would be nice if she were to need anything.

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    Welcome Jerimiah hope you enjoy the forum.......

    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    I`ve bow hunted elk in Colorado, its a great State with lots of Public Forests.

    A honeymoon in Uk could be great there are lots of hunting opportunities

    at prices that are pretty reasonable ( compared to USA and Europe) with good chance of success.
    from quaint rural England to mountains and moors in Scotland
    lots of species of deer ... September good for red stags also roe bucks, muntjac, fallow chinese water deer and Sika.
    you can borrow an Estate rifle to avoid air transport and red tape

    Also lots of History and pleasant countryside to see.s
    stay at bed and breakfast also hotels in Scotland may do deals

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    welcome and if your honeymoon brings you near Nottingham i could take you out after the hardest of quarry the great british wood pigeon or even a chance at a squirrel. (maybe not as exciting as stalking)

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    Welcome to SD. Send a private message to sikamalc as he has CWD near London and sika in scotland. I recommend longer than three days tho. Take the new mrs pawneepredator to scotland it is stunning in september

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    welcome to site the highland is a big place lots of deer and you need more than 3 days mate best of luck


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    if you're coming in September and it's towards the end, go for a nice big red deer stag from the scottish hills. if you have an evening to look for a roe buck or two that's a bonus, but nothing beats a stag from the hill. ok, summer evening roe bucks are up there, but not in Sept as it's just a bit too late to trust being able to find them as they're quite inactive after all the shagging they do in August - LOL! you can fly from any london airport to glasgow or inverness, it's pretty straight forward.

    welcome to the site friend :-)


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