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Thread: A trip to the shop. Result 1 fox.

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    A trip to the shop. Result 1 fox.

    Jumped in the van tonight to nip up the shop for bread and milk. Half way up the drive I saw the unmistakable eyes of Mr Fox. So quickly into reverse back home. In the house unlock all them locks, get the lamp out of the 4X4 and put a couple rounds in the .22-250. This all took about 10 mins so by the time I was over the field Foxy was at the other side, light gave him away nicely. As I'm no 500 yd sniper and had the wind on my face I set off in his direction. Put the lamp round and he was on his way to me. I decided to wait for him to come to me (lazy) few minutes later I put the lamp on him as he made his way through the cover crop running along the fence line running across the ffront of me at about 110yds. He wasn't to bothered by the lamp which surprised me as I think this was a fox I missed a few days ago. With the lamp on one leg of the sticks I aimed at a clear spot in the sunflowers and waited for him to walk straight into a 50gn V-max. Which he did.
    Then back to the house, lock the gun up and get to the shop before it shut.
    Cracking night much better than whatever was on the box.
    Better dry that rifle off now while I remember.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Ha, ha - well done! It was too wet here to go foxing last night. Looks like it'll be the same for much of the rest of the week...

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    It's never to wet mate to go for a look about our second best night was in heavy rain one night u only get wet once is a pain drying everything off though

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    Mike and I were out in an absolute downpour (a Welsh one!), one black night, & lit up a locked pair out in the middle of the storm, & Yes, I suppose the earth sorta moved like you know!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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