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Thread: leupold mounts

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    leupold mounts

    anyone had any issues with loopy q/r mounts?
    just put a pair on my latest set up & i don't have as much correction in my scope on one side as i do the other! by quite a bit!

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    what rifle and mounts?
    by how much? to the point where you cant zero or do you just mean it feels like you are way off centre?

    assume they are all the same way round
    have you tried reversing them some are reversable some are not
    (I prefer the lock-forward rather than lock-back set up)

    I have four sets on sakos and they seem OK for windage/elevation
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    I've got a set on my .22 and I've never noticed any issues.

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    is it the windage adjustable bases? i had that problem (to far off to zero) then i realised they were adjustable. I just centred my scope then adjusted the bases till it was almost centred then brought it rite in with the turret.

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    i have 40 clicks either way on the scope but when its zeroed i have 9 clicks left one side and 70 the other side.
    it shoots great at whatever range just not enough adjustment on one side to allow for decent windage..

    going to try the reversing them tactic this morning...

    just got back & still the same!

    gonna try turning them round so the levers are on the bolt side next...
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    its on a tikka!

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    do they fit right onto action or onto weaver bases

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    on to a picatinny rail

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