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Thread: How many stalks to achieve three completed ICR's for the DSC2?

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    How many stalks to achieve three completed ICR's for the DSC2?

    Interesting chat this afternoon with an AW and external DSC2 verifier who told me that, on average, DSC2 candidates have to do five Witnessed stalks to complete one ICR.
    Or, if my maths is correct fifteen Stalks to complete your DSC2 Portfolio of three ICR's.
    Now, assuming the average cost of a stalk with an AW is around 50, the total is 750 in fees, excluding any trophy fees, and excluding any carcass prices.
    I would be very interested in any feedback on those figures - what is your experience?

    My own sad 'progress' so far is:

    Stalk 1: Cancelled by AW 'C' due to a lack of suitable cull deer on the ground
    Stalk 2: ICR 1 completed with AW 'B'. Got very, very lucky!
    Stalk 3: Cancelled by AW 'A' due to flooding
    Stalk 4: No deer spotted at all on stalk with AW 'A'
    Stalk 5: 6 deer spotted but no opportunity for a safe shot. 1 fox shot. With AW 'A'
    Stalk 6: Cancelled by AW 'A' due to inaccessible ground because of rain and flooding
    Stalk 6: Cancelled by AW 'C' due to bad weather forecast
    Stalk 7: Cancelled by AW 'C' due to bad weather forecast

    I must add that I much prefer an AW to cancel a Stalk because he doesn't want to take a client out on flooded land in fog, heavy rain and strong wind, than an AW who goes out with you anyway even if there is little or no change to shoot anything.
    So, actually, all credit to those AW's!

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    So far I'm 7 witnessed stalks to achieve 2 culls

    I have had a bad run of luck as well with everything out of season or skylined. The stalk I had last week was blanket fog so visibility was bugger all to see anything!

    Next week is my last booked so I had better get this wrapped up!
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    I think I've posted elsewhere, it took me 11 outings to complete mine. Wrong sex, wrong weather, wrong species etc. - the usual. Plus I freely admit that I am no 'super-stalker'. However on the up side I think it gives a greater sense of achievement having worked harder for it than maybe if you had gone out and done it all in a day on the same species, the same ground and the same witness (not taking away from anyone who has done it that way)


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    I think the average for a novice is one beast in four 3 hour stalks. So you are all on the money.

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    It took eight trips with two different AWs for me to get the three. Very glad its done and dusted though.

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    My first four paid stalks (a full weekends stalking) were all about learning new things from a very experienced guide.
    I got my first witnessed cull on my second stalk but I would never have consider it to be an ICR.
    I completed the first ICR the next day, which was the last of the four stalks.

    After that I took 18 months out to learn what I should have known before I registered for my DSC2.
    Then three stalks in two months and it was all done.

    It is very much luck of the draw, and if you pick the right AW with good ground, it can all be done in a very short time.

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    Depends on the availability of deer on the ground.

    The last 2 I've aw'd have been done in a day, most are 3 days.

    If we are experiencing misses or mucked up stalks, then we have to evaluate whether it's worth carrying on? It's best to go away, get more experience or range time in. The relationship with the AW is the same as that with a guide, comunication and honesty are key. It is far better to be told early on that you are not ready than wasting time and money on AWs and paid stalks. Wherever possible I would prefer to be on ground familiar to the "student".

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    PointBlank - Good Luck next week.

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    Doing mine I spent 300 on shot fees + the outing fee but went to an area thick with fallow and did it in a morning. I know L2 candidates can try and try forever on the type of weaker grounds which are rarely fruitful when the best plan is to go where the deer are.

    It's far better to spend smart money on shot fees per beast on good ground than AW fees for a lot blank walks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogue trader View Post
    PointBlank - Good Luck next week.

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