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Thread: CLA at Belviour Castle

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    CLA at Belviour Castle

    Just as a matter of interest who is going to the CLA ?

    I shall be there for the duration, possibly in the BDS tent on the Bavarian Mountain Hound stand for a few hours over the 3 days.

    Anyone that is booked for the SD Scottish week on my lease can drop me a PM and we can arrange to meet up over a beer and go over what they would like to see out of the 3 day course.

    All the best


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    i have got to go to a wedding

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    I tried to book a hotel within walking distance about a month ago and could not get one for love or money


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    We will be there on the sunday.

    See every body there.

    Will have to make a meeting point like last year, NGO tent or similar


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    Would it not be an idea to have some kind of badge or lapel pin for SD so that when we're at the fairs or other events you can recognise others on the forum? Maybe charge a small sum to be donated to H4H.

    Either that or a special SD 'sign' like Deerstalker hats at 90 degrees or a stoop to the right after dragging deer over the years!

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    Last year we had tee shirts which were very effective which the proceeds went to H4H.
    May be a base ball cap with the SD log on or something of the like charging enough to cover total costs and little over allowing the extra raised to go again to H4H.
    Would there be anybody out there on the site who could manufacture them and I will do the admin, organising & mailing etc.
    And to keep it above board I would publish and make available all transactions with proof of payment to H4H.



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    CLA gamefair

    I am planning to be there Friday and Saturday - how we can contact each other, any suggestions on time and place

    Tony C

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    Smithy, great idea about baseball caps, as long as they're not in Advantage camo or something like that!

    Let's see what Admin comes back with.

    Perhaps this needs a whole new SD merchandise thread on the forum.

    Best, Craig

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    I will also be up there for the duration - and so will l'il Jo!



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    I am also expecting to do all 3 days, a family day, a boys day and a shopping day. Havent decided on the order yet!!!

    Baseball cap sounds good.

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