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Thread: "Nite Ize" Led Dog Collars & "Spot-Lit" Clip On Led

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    "Nite Ize" Led Dog Collars & "Spot-Lit" Clip On Led

    Hi All

    A few months ago we ran a successful promo on these so we thought they might be of interest again with Xmas in mind - not only are these ideal for tracking/deer dogs but they make a great gift for anyone who walks a dog at dusk at this time of year - the LED is cleary visible to traffic and gives the owner the confidence that they can be clearly seen.

    • Visible over 1,000 feet
    • Flash & steady glow mode with red LED
    • Replacable battery with 100 hours life
    • Weather/water resistant push button switch
    • Reflective strip for passive reflectavity
    • Small - 10" - 13" dia neck, Medium - 13" - 18" dia neck, Large - 18" - 27" dia neck

    More details can be seen at

    14.99 + 2.95 p&p

    Many thanks


    Spot Lit Clip On LED

    • Ideal for use by tracker dogs or dogs involved in deer management.
    • Glow & flash modes -- press once for steady glow & twice for continous flash.
    • Secure stainless steel spring clip easily clips to the D ring on your dogs collar.
    • Visible to 1,000 feet.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Easily replaceable battery.
    • Perfect for use in conjunction with the Nite-Dawg LED collar.
    • Can also be used to hang on tree (or deer..) to help locate if beast has to be left at last light and then return with quad/argo etc
    • More details can be seen at

    5.80 + 2.95 p&p

    Just drop me a PM with any interest.

    Many thanks

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    Just bought two of the collars - nice easy transaction and should be posted tomorrow. Might even do a review after i've used them for a while


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    Well I have to say these things look great!, I passed a group of doggie walkers in the dark & rain just the other night, just like close encounters!!!
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    Feed back on the collars

    I've had them for a few days now and i'm pleased to report that they do the business. I can see the dogs from a good distance - infact they go out of the line of sight before the glow from the collars disappears. They are water proof (well so far only rain) and sturdy
    Damn good buy and am really pleased with them - recommended


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    As we have hit the short day's again we Nite Ize products may be of interest again, there are cheaper versions in market but Nite Ize is regarded as the leader.


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I like these. I bought a small size one and liked it. Just to big for my teckels.

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    Do you have any small ones in stock please - your website doesn't have them listed.

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    These are superb, extra bright collars. Only improvement that could be made would be to make them fully waterproof rather than resistant so they could be used round wetland or areas with ponds or rivers. Other than that they could prove to be a lifesaver for your pooch.

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    Great stocking-fillers for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I have bought a "Nite Ize" Led Dog Collar and just want to say it is an excellent product - far superior to others I have seen on other dogs (and a perfect colour for a black lab!). Also I got my sizing wrong, but got great service from Rob in changing it and not seeking further postage for sending again even though it was my error.

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