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    The Inspectorate is NOT a public law enforcement body.

    Society Inspectors are NOT officers of the Crown and have NO special legal powers.

    The uniforms worn by Society Inspectors have NO legal significance whatsoever.

    Society Inspectors have NO special powers to arrest offenders.

    Society Inspectors have NO right to enter your home to inspect your animals or to demand that you answer any of their questions.

    Society Inspectors have NO right of access to shows, fairs or markets other than as members of the public.

    Society Inspectors can ONLY carry out law enforcement activities as an assistant to a police-officer and ONLY upon that officerís request.

    Society Inspectors have NO power to stop, obstruct or otherwise detain any vehicle carrying animals.

    source web site of the Self Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others Experiencing Difficulties with the RSPCA

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    My father an OAP had a very bad experience with a RSPCA inspector a couple of years ago, (my father is not involved with any field sports).

    They accused his dog of worrying sheep, the RSPCA took his dog off him despite having no legal authority to do so, told out right lies, even the farmer told him that my fathers dog was not responsible for the attack. He told the court my father ran away and jumped a fence; this was 3 weeks after he had both knee joints replaced and could only walk to the toilet with the aid of crutches.

    The lies and deception this man tried was unbelievable, just before they went into court my fathers solicitor approached the CPS and invited them to drop the case as they did not have a shred of evidence against my father, The RSPCA inspector jumped in and said that he was going to see my father in prison, at which point my fathers solicitor reminded him that he had no power to prosecute my father and was merely a witness for the prosecution.

    Once in court the judge threw the case out and asked the police for a full report to why my father had the charges brought before him in the first place. The WPC who was handling the case never even turned up for the court case. (I reconí she knew it was bull.)

    Donít trust the *******s they coní people into thinking they have a least as much power as a police officer.

    Fuming just thinking about it all again.


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    My apologies if this raised old ghosts for you Thar. I hesitate to think how you poor father must have suffered. From your reply it is evident that these Austrian corporals stepped way over the line and it is precisely because of this attitude that I felt it necessary to publicise the above information.

    For those who would wish to broadcast this further might I suggest you copy the relevant section into an email and forward it to all those you know who partake in any form of fieldsports or management of livestock.

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    rspca inspectors

    Hope the dog wasn't affected in any way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch
    I hesitate to think how you poor father must have suffered.
    My father and mother were very upset, they thought that they would put the dog down or at least they would never see it again. What really upset my father was the thought that the dog might die when it was innocent, my dads a bit of a softy with dog. Up until then both parents held the RSPCA in high regards and would give them money when ever somebody came rattling a tin.

    Hi Steve

    The dog came back unharmed and with all it tackle once he got a solicitor on the case.

    Best rgds


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    A good enough reason, I would suggest, for us all to bookmark the web site of the Self Help Group.

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    Thanks for this, good stuff

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    Did you hear the cr@p the female was spouting on the tv last night in 24/7 something or other?

    My missus threatened to turnover if I didn't stop ranting at the TV.

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