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Thread: How may deer have you shot?... / How many girls have you kissed?...

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    How may deer have you shot?... / How many girls have you kissed?...

    I get asked this quite a lot and guess it's quite important to a lot of people... Feels a little bit like being at school and being asked how many girls I'd kissed! (wasn't many actually - pube-like curly hair, braces and acne!)

    I've always had the impression, as with kissing girls at school, that there are three distinct categories of people:

    1. Those that have
    2. Those that haven't
    3. Those that bullsh*t

    Nope I've not shot thousands, or even hundreds of deer, it's in the dozens. I've got a 4 acre bit of land with a high seat for deer, and I have to pay for the rest or rely on invites from friends. I'm still learning and hope I always will be! In terms of shooting experience I've been shooting rimfire and centrefire for 12 years, I've shot hundreds of foxes, thousands of rabbits, and thousands of rounds at bisley (.308, .243, 223). I've got several hundred acres of fox, pigeon, and rabbit shooting dotted about. I also do vermin control work for several farms that friends work on but this is on request from the farmer rather than a "permission" (and I get paid on some of them!).

    I first started shooting rimfire and centrefire in NZ where I worked for several months doing groundskeeping and vermin control - Possum, rabbit, deer, boar, and feral sheep (mainly possum & rabbit). I came back to the UK and found borrowing a gun from the boss and taking a wonder was a big no-no here! So I got an air rifle for the rabbits etc, then carried on shooting at bisley or going with friends with FAC's until I finally got my own land and FAC a few years ago. Got my DSC1 about a year later (useful and worthwhile but no substitute for experience IMO).

    I'm a volunteer on the Deer/Traffic Collision Scheme - I'm not as experienced as a lot of guys out there but they needed someone and I'm far more experienced than the average policeman or RSPCA officer at finding and putting down deer. And I have the right tools for the job!

    I've met a lot of genuine guys on here who are pro's or have access to a lot of land, and who've been doing it for years, who literally have shot thousands of deer - Which is great, lucky them and I'm glad I've got this forum so I can learn from and interact with them. Everyone starts somewhere, and hopefully in 20 years I'll be able to offer people the same sage advice!

    Some people on this site have been amazing - I've had very experienced guys going massively out of their way to help me out with reloading, free trips out shooting, and advice on training my dog. Thanks to all those who've helped me so far

    I spend way too much time chatting on here as I've got a lot of time on my hands due to my work situation!

    This post isn't a dig at "armchair stalkers" (though the pompous ones do annoy me) and I'm not questioning what anyone says - just stating my actual experience for anyone wondering and encouraging anyone new or relatively new to stalking not to be ashamed about it (or bullsh*t)!

    p.s. Why does this post read like I'm "coming out"

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    I have kissed many girls but if you mean real kisses like tongues and stuff well not that many. Got married at 17 still with same woman and plan to be for a while yet. Deer well i have no idea at all so will not put a number down but defo into double figures.

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    How many? one or two.

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    The even more revealing question would be how many deer have you *missed*

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    Don't have an accurate count but its well into the 1000's, missed several and will probably miss some more!

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    Don't know, but a fair few shot, missed and spooked.

    Shot a few deer as well

    Into 5 figures but always learning.

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    nearly into 4 figures , will prob hit the 1000 mark by next winter , but always learning and ive also missed and wounded my fair share !

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    I keep a ledger or journal of sorts on just this matter . Well atleast as it pertains to deer !

    As of 11-21-12 ,

    115 Bucks
    120 Doe

    of those

    111 whitetail bucks
    1 mule deer buck
    3 Sika Stags

    113 whitetail doe
    1 mule deer doe
    6 Sika Hinds

    2 Black Bear - one female and one male

    That is from November of 1973 to the present .

    Also about a dozen Eastern Wild Turkey of which all but two were males .

    As to the women thing I was more intrested in seeing how international I could get rather then sheer numbers !

    Covered a good many of the asian countries as well as south american countries with a small smattering of european countries as well .

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    Have killed one or two & plan to cull one or two more !

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Can you count those that you have guided people onto? I've always considered that if I can get a client one then I'm damned sure I could have shot it!!

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