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Thread: sierra 85 gn hpbt

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    sierra 85 gn hpbt

    Just got some for the the.243 going to give them a go with h4895

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    I really rate this bullet and have taken roe,fallow and red with it also foxes. I,ve got 36 grn of Varget behind it. it is very accurate with my C.Z. It is quite devestating on the innerds of everything I have shot with it.

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    I use these to good effect on roe and fox. 37gr N140 does the job nicely .

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    Thanks for the replies lads.I read about them on that ballistic resource site but its reassuring to here from you lads aswell !

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    I used them years ago in a .243 Tikka, excellent accuracy, and very effective on Roe at the time. 43 Gns of H414 over a Fed GM210M primer in Lapua brass was the recipe for that particular rifle. I didnt chrono them but the indications from the 'books' put it at about 3150fps MV..... it worked just fine.

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    Excellent choice,used the same powder and bullet in my .243 sauer,very effective on roe and more accurate than the 100grn gameking,seem to cause less damage too and no soft nose to deform from chambering and unchambering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholiath View Post
    Just got some for the the.243 going to give them a go with h4895
    My shooting buddie uses this bullet and powder combo to great effect in his Tikka T3 Varmint, regularly getting 3/4" or less at 100 yards. It gets used on Foxes to Fallow and they perform with excellence! The data in the Sierra manual seems a bit conservative but always go for accuracy over velocity and you won't go far wrong.



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    Federal Magnum primer, H380 x 40grns and you will not be upset with the result.
    My favourite round is the Hornady 87gn Hpt Bt but recently they were in short supply so tried some of the Sierra 85 HptBt and was surprised that there was no difference so now don't care which I use.

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