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Thread: Roe fat build up

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    Roe fat build up

    I have noticed the two does I shot the weekend have a heavy fat build up on the inside of the body cavity.
    I failed to shoot a roe in October, so I can't compare the two months.

    did anyone notice fat build up in october's roe or does it normaly appear in November.
    My two were shot in Scotland

    With thanks

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    Exactly the same here. Had a few last week and every single one was covered in fat. Some of there kidneys were hard too find they had that much fat wrapped around them.

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    Yes i found this also, they know whats coming, brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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    lot of females round here stocking up for winter.....

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    I shot 6 does in Perthshire at two different locations in January and February this year and they all had a lot of fat in the body cavity and around the kidneys and we didn't have a bad winter, so I'm not convinced it means we are going to have a bad one this year. I suspect it just means there has been plenty of grazing for them throughout this year.

    Time will tell but it is good to hear that we have a healthy population of deer to look after.



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    Is this fat build up really a way of considering the onset of a BAD winter? Or is it that there has been good feeding thorough out the year giving the deer a chance to build up these reserves, weather they need them in the future or not? I find it hard to believe the deer know what the weather is going to do, but then animals can have an uncanny way of knowing things we mere humans could never pick up. Is there a history of fat animals in November leading to bad winters? I shot a fallow buck in September who was heavy with fat, right down around his sheath, hiding his kidneys etc. This was pre rut.

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    Thanks for replies, I didn't see the bad winter post.
    This is my first year of constantly shooting roe, it seems they will carry this fat for 4 or 5 months

    Thanks craggy

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    Im just back from another shearing season in Norway,Most of the ewes are in very good condition,farmers recon this is due to the extra fungas that grows during a wet summer where the sheep forage in the forrest and mountains,probably the reason our deer are so fat...

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