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Thread: stalking/deer management job wanted

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    stalking/deer management job wanted

    hello there, my names tom and I'm a 23yr old gamekeeping student at sparsholt i have my DSC 1 and am undertaking my DSC 2 i would like to go into the stalking industry once i have finished my corse in may, i am on the level 3 game and wildlife management extended diploma. i am a very keen stalker and am fairly experienced if you would like to know more or have a job available could you please let me know thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom B View Post
    hello there, my names tom and I'm a 23yr old gamekeeping student at sparsholt i have my DSC 1 and am undertaking my DSC 2 i would like to go into the stalking industry once i have finished my corse in may, i am on the level 3 game and wildlife management extended diploma. i am a very keen stalker and am fairly experienced if you would like to know more or have a job available could you please let me know thank you
    Tom B I'm going to give some honest advice. It's meant in the best way

    1. Finish your course. I say this because it is unlikely that you will find a job in deer management. The jobs that come available are ' dead mans shoes '. But there are ways in. The reason I say finish your course is because your obviously the outdoors type. Your qualification will help you to get a job in some sort of wildlife based job.
    2. Forget England and get yourself to Scotland. Buy a camper van and park outside every estate until you meet the keeper. Beg him for an unpaid Ghillie position for the 2012/13 season. If you get a foot in the door, work your b-llocks off and you'll get invited back.
    3. Forget that little furry triangle attached to a woman. Women should be called an 'anchors'.
    4. Blitz CKD Galbraith, Strutt and Parker, Savills, and any other large agents in Scotland and phone them every week to see if there have been any ghillie positions come in. I am a firm believer in being there on the ground though as being parked in Hampshire will do you no favors.
    5. Understand now that you will never be monetarily rich being a stalker. Your knees will wear out. You will get wet as clients want to go out whatever the weather and all your money will go on buy clothes that will 'try' to keep you dry.
    6. Never write sloppy, badly spelled introductions. People really do look and whatever job you go for there will be 10's if not 100's of applicants.

    Recently applied for shooting assistant job in Surrey. Professional C.V. . 20 years guided stalking experience. Large driven pheasant loading and beating experience. Building, Electrical, Plumbing experience. Pest control experience. Running my own company at the moment so money handling, clients, book keeping etc etc experience. Chainsaw cert, manual handling cert, lots of quad and off road driving experience. I DIDN'T EVEN GET A PHONE CALL. Why, probably because I didn't already live in Surrey.
    i don't want to dis hearten you but your on a tough road and your better off being informed than thinking it's a bed of roses.
    ATB with your quest

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    SNH has majority English in the deer sector might be worth a try.
    Keep that in you favorites. Wages dont seem good but the perks seem ok.

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    I think the only way to make a little bit of money by deer stalking, is to start with a lot of money! In the end, you will only have a little bit left!

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    thank you for your reply,

    i do know what I'm letting my self in for, i was wanting to go to scotland as it was anyway, as thats where most of the deer jobs are, i have already been a single handed keeper in suffolk and an under keeper in hampshire so i know what the job in tails, i relocated for both of them i have lots of qualification and tickets and have quite an extensive C.V as yourself i to am an electrician by trade but prefer the country life, i did not pick gamekeeping for the money but for the love of the sport, so thanks for the heads up! i do intend on finish my corse as i stated, because i am doing very well and it will give me the qualifications i need. i will take your advice on contacting land agents, i am going up to scotland in december to stalk hinds at mar lodge and i will be speaking to the gillies up there to see if they know of anything.

    however if any of you have any leads or advice or want to see my c.v to see if you can make any suggestions to improve it or if you would like to pass it on then please let me know thank you.

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    I wish you every succss with your course and hopefully in May, when you achieve the results you are hoping for, searching for a position within the world of stalking may be a little nearer for you , though experience is what you will need after that, and you can`t get that in a classroom.
    You`ve chosen a tough life to earn a crust, but what a life.
    Knock on as many doors as you can, always be smart, and have a well presented CV with a full but uncomplicated portfolio
    I hope it all works out for you and you get to fulfil your ambition



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    Tom its not easy to get in but if its what you really want to do stick at it, just a thought but with your qualifications have you considered the Forestry Commission as they want paper qualifications.

    Be prepared to start at the bottom, a lot of estates will be more interested in practical experience than what you have done at college.

    My grandson did his HNC in keepering and now has a job, to be honest at his interview they were more interested
    in whether he had a keepering background and any practical experience than what he had done at college.

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    If I had my time over again I would take on board what teyhan 1 has said but add forget England try Scotland by all means but you may have just as much luck abroad the world is your oyster and while you have no ties (wife /kids) spread your wings as far as you can
    very best of luck .
    ps a mate of mine has done The spars holt thing and got two positions since leaving both in deer management and is currently living the dream you would die for so it can be done .

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    All good advice.

    You have been in keepering, so you will know the score. Keep all communications simple and accurate , use spell check. I wouldn't pester, but put letters in wherever you can. It's maybe not the best time of year right now, I assume your course ends in July, there will be ghillies positions advertised for the season in and around July/August.
    College certification is good but DSC2, ATV tickets are a must, experience and more importantly enthusiasm are key.

    Good luck, you seem to be doing the right things .

    Remember it is very competitive, but don't let that put you off.

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    Deer management is a very specific area of work and getting in is getting increasingly difficult theses days as there are fewer positions becoming available and a hogh number of people wanting to fill the posts.
    I don't want to put you off but i will say don't go for a deer specific job! As you have already stated you have previous Gamekeeping experience and the qualification you are doing will be Gamekeeping orientated...So work on that!.... and by that i mean concentrate on getting a job as a Gamekeeper. You will find that these days the majority of estates have their Gamekeeping staff fill the role of Deer manager/stalker, that is unless you work solely on a deer forest (on the hill) where game is pretty much non exsistant and as i say jobs on deer forests are very few and far between. By getting a job as a Gamekeeper you will not only get a broader range of skills and experience but you will build up a larger contact base and from my own and no doubt many other peoples aint what you know but who you know that gets the majority of jobs in the keepering and stalking world.
    Another thing......learn to fly fish and row a boat!, because the rare Highland estates that advertise for stalkers also nine times out of ten want you to fill the role as fishing ghillie. And whilst on that point....many Highland estates would rather you be married or have a partner that can do work in the lodge or 'big house'.
    Get your chainsaw ticket, ATV, DSC 1&2 for definate as these are pretty much essential in the industry you want to work in.

    If you want my opinion...i strongly advise that you look at other vocations outwith the Gamekeeping industry.... for example Wildlife trusts, government agencies, RSBP, SNH, etc. Find a job that pays well and is still countryside orientated and go do your stalking as a past time instead of a job.

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