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Thread: high seats - health and safety signs?

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    high seats - health and safety signs?

    Hi all ,

    Do any of you label your high seats ie

    "no unauthorized access"

    "do not use"

    "use at own risk"

    if so where do you get them from and what wording is on them

    I have 10 seats on a 2500 acre estate , the estate owner is on the ball regards safety. I do not wish to risk repercusions if i do not use them.
    There are some public footpaths crossing the estate and obvoiusly contractors, farm hands , shepards etc

    Also one seat is 7.5 meters high
    does this height qualify for extra restrictions ie harness

    Regards cervushunter

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    Bloody hell! 7.5m high? Wouldnt get me up there

    How is it so high?


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    Bloody hell! 7.5m high? Wouldnt get me up there

    How is it so high?


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    must hav some tall wheat or not afraid of heights
    that is some seat
    i hav one like that for rabbits as that was how tall my ladder was at the time of building it
    since then got a shorter ladder

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    Yes it is high

    Hence do i need a harness but i think it might be wise to get one anyway

    due to the topography of the woodland it is in, the safe arc of fire ,the new trees it overlooks the predominate wind direction, the means of access to it and the mature oak it is secured to meant that it had to be what it is.

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    It used to be the case that 3.5m was a critical height but the law changed a few years back and now there a re Working at Height Regs. These actually cover you from working in a ditch, to standing on a brick, to being a steeplejack

    It was actually a cop out as it basically lays the responsibility with an employer (or work initiator) to risk assess an activity. This means that if there is an accident then you can almost guarantee that it will be found that your risk assessment and safety measures are inadequate.

    The best way to go forward is to inspect your seats annually or better still 6 monthly and record your inspections. Make sure they are all marked up with stay off signs. I used to have the right form of words, I am sure someone on here will have them. Finally a harness or clip in point for any truly high stuff will be a benefit I'm sure.

    Sounds obvious but it will all be alright until it isnt

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    The regs that apply in this case are the Working at Height Regulations (which apply at any height "from which a fall could cause injury" ie a kerbstone to a chimney stack).

    From reading your post I presume you are employed by the estate owner and as such "working". The regs require that you are trained/ deemed competent to use the access equipment to reach the height (in this case a ladder) that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out , with substantial risks documented along with any control measures and residual risk levels. The access equipment should also be checked by a competent person as fit for use, and those inspections recorded.

    With all the above said, the biggest risk (firearms aside) is that you fall from the high seat, either climbing up/ down or whilst using it, and some form of fall arrest would give you protection from that. If you want some advice feel free to give me a call (I am a safety consultant, but the advice will be free .lol)



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    Be careful with a safety harness if you are on your own. Falling from 7.5 metres will not be pleasant but equally dangling suspended from a harness for any length of time may very well kill you.

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    Sorry Mudman, I can't help myself, I understand what you are saying, and itís called suspension Trauma if you are suspended in the harness for a fairly short period of time and yes you can die from it. But bloody hell falling out of a high seat 7.5 meters is not advisable

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    Cervushunter said

    Also one seat is 7.5 meters high
    does this height qualify for extra restrictions ie harness

    Mark all I will say is you aint getting me up that bugger in October

    Atb mate

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